The Beginning of Something Great

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Sweat rolled down his body as he continued to nail shingles to the roof. Janice stood down below with cold iced tea. She had fixed her hair and put on a special outfit hoping for a productive conversation. Her goal was for him to nail this single.


"When there are large sums of money involved, she doesn't know how to act."

"What do you mean?"

"The Green-eyed Monster gets her."

"The what?"

"She's greedy you thick headed idiot!"

"Well, excuse me. Not everyone speaks writer."



The victory was hollow. The mendacious propaganda on both sides led innocents to an early grave. The avarice of the generals caused both kingdoms to develop a war wariness that would last for decades. From the ashes, a new republic was formed.


William made a special trip back to the 1980s. All his pain and torment could be traced back to a bad decision one Tuesday afternoon in June. At best, it would be a rebirth of life; at worst, the destruction of the universe.


The town was small enough to fit into the hollow. Yellers Tau was nested at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate Vermont. The rest of the world knew the town as Richford. The vampire population liked to keep its secrecy.

(Author's Note: This micro-story lead to a vignette series that I put out on Twitter.)

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