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He was filled with blind rage as he tore through the unsuspecting crowd. The virus had reached his brain. It took only 10 minutes for him to die. The virus incubated ready to spread through the air. The world was not prepared.


"Forget love; forget romance; I just want to get laid. It was this very attitude that caused Randy to miss out on his soulmate. Not that he would notice. Randy was a dick."

"Do you have to narrate every crime scene?"

"It makes it more interesting."


Tina was so mad that she rushed home from work just to yell at him. She burst through the door and found him in the kitchen.

"Hey, babe! Look I made us tacos all by myself!"

His childlike amusement destroyed all her arguments. She loved him and his faults.


I'm a realist. My face is about a 4, but my personality is a 6. That makes me a 10 and easy to love.


Thomas faced the sun not casting a shadow. This would be the last time he saw a sunset. He felt the change in his blood. He would soon morph into a creature of the night. The ancient blood poured through him; a new prince of darkness was born. 

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