Poetry and God

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She found God between all the lies and hypocritical actions. It came in a moment of blind faith during a random service. The Holy Spirit descended upon her and granted peace. She was saved that morning and died later that afternoon. Her eternal soul was at peace.


"You're a jerk!"

This one phrase brought tears to my eyes. Her 5-year-old brain could not think of anything worse to call me. I knew that I had failed as a father and I couldn't even beg for her forgiveness in a way she would understand.


"Standby as we go deep into Igor Volocheznechezskiblan's brain."

**Was it step, pivot, lunge, leap or pivot, lunge, pivot, leap or... AAHHHHHH GRAVITY!**

"What do you think Tom?"

"I think that Igor is getting a physics lesson today Gordon."


His skull was thick

Palms were sweaty

He pulled the trigger

Before he was ready

The shot rang in the dark

The bullet sailed wide

His eyes popped open

No place to hide


(Author's Note: If you've seen the movie Boondock Saints you might find this story familiar.)


"I'm not the voice of a generation. Hell, the dog doesn't even listen to me." - Arthur Unk

"Did he just quote himself?"

Yes, I did.

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