Maybe She Should Have Thought This Through

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  "If you have the woman you love, what more do you need? Well, besides an alibi for the time of her husband's murder" ~Dark Jar Tin Zoo 


Jack strode back into the warehouse, gift bag in hand. It was actually quite light but with each step, it seemed to get heavier and heavier.

Will rounded the corner and upon seeing Jack, questioned, "Hey man, you're back! How did it go?"

Almost as an automatic response, Jack shoved the gift bag behind his back, the tissue paper crinkled in the process.

Standing like a deer in the headlights, Jack's eye darted all around the room without meeting Will's gaze.

"Dude? You good?"

Jack broke out of his awkward staring and cleared his throat. "Erm, yeah, I'm good. We got a list of everyone who may have purchase Silvia's earrings. Her murderer may be in one of these receipts."

Will nodded along and took a sip of his coffee, his beard mostly obscuring his smirk, but not enough for Jack to ignore it.

"Is that all you got?"

"Yes, of course!" Jack answered too quickly, too quickly for anyone to believe, nevertheless his best friend of ten years.

Will started to circle Jack, while Jack shuffled inch by inch away from him, shielding his back the whole time. "So you aren't hiding a gift behind your back to apologize for your lovers' tiff?"

"She's not my lover!"

Will smirked and gave Jack a goodhearted punch in the shoulder. "But you didn't say it wasn't for her."

"That's. . . that's. . . I didn't. . . you're just putting words in my mouth!" Jack scowled at Will and huffed aloud. "Where is she anyway? It's awfully quiet."

Will shrugged. "She was in her office working for about an hour after you left. Then about 15 minutes ago, she said she was going to check out a lead."

Jack hoped that she wasn't doing anything unsavory just despise him. He felt that that was something she might do to get back at him.

Frowning, Jack made his way past a snoozing Pager and walked into V.C's make-shift office. He took a seat behind her desk after adjusting the lumbar support.

He opened his phone and stared at V.C's contact information. He had already texted her after he had left the store, but there was no answer. He thought about texting again but decided against it. There was no need to check up on her, she probably wouldn't answer anyway.

Tapping a staccato on his knee with a pointer finger, Jack glared at pink present sitting on top of the desk. Tissue paper plumed from the top like a raging flame. Mrs. Tiverton had insisted on wrapping the gift, saying that his special friend would love it. She also kept on using the phase special friend.

And she said it in that high pitched voice that all old ladies of grandmother age seemed to use when speaking about young lovers. That was another term she kept on using.

Young lovers. . .

Not that Jack had a young lover, one who was younger, more immature, and never ever listened to him. . .

Jack let out a growl and buried his head in his hands.

He didn't even know why he thought about her when Mrs. Tiverton forced him to purchase the jewelry. He should have just gotten something for his mom. . .

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