protective twin and cuddly mate

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Menma was thinking while looking at the wall his 9 tails swaying behind him as he was lost in his own thoughts until they were interrupted by his mate "hey Meny what'cha thinking about" Sasukie asks while smiling softly scaring the raven fox a bit as he looked back at Sasukie and sighed "just what's going on with my brother" the fox says crossing his arms.

"you don't think someone is targeting Naruto do you" Sasukie asks laying on the bed earning Menma's attention as his ears perks up "ya know maybe" he says. 

Menma runs his fingers threw Sasukie's hair earning a soft growl from the wolf "alright that's earning laying around lets go out for walk" Menma says getting while Sasukie whines "were going" Menma says struggling to get Sasukie off the bed.


With Sasuke and Naruto  

They were walking threw the park though Naruto kept his distance he was "hey Naruto" Sasuke says looking at the jumpy fox who looked down at the ground "hmm" Naruto hummed his fox tail curled at his side, while his ears were lowered "come here" Sasuke says as he stops walking waiting for his mate to stand by his side.

Though it was like some type of uncomfortable silence until the blond walked up to Sasuke while still looking down at the ground.

Sasuke sighed and took Naruto's hand as the blond fox yelps and Sasuke start walking over to a bench were they could sit and talk for a bit though Naruto looked up at the raven confused "were gonna talk" Sasuke says sitting, down on the bench though at first Naruto was against it but after a while he sat down as well and hugs his fluffy tail "Naruto please tell what's wrong" Sasuke asks looking at his mate who wouldn't make eye contact with him though the fox on shook his head hiding his, face in his tail "but Naru..." Sasuke says softly but stops when he sees the blonds shoulders start shaking sending his wolf into a frenzy (is that the right word for crazy or....I don't know).

The raven hugs Naruto close to him and starts rubbing his back "it's ok take your time......I'm sorry for pushing to far" Sasuke says and nuzzled Naruto's hair which usually calmed the blond down.

Menma and Sasukie were watching Sasuke and Naruto from a distance "sooooooo why are we stalking them again" Sasukie asks tilting his head "we are not stalking them.....just watching them from a safe distance to see if Naruto is really ok or not" Menma says trying to defend himself.

Sasukie tilts his head and chuckles "that's still stalking" he says "shut up" Menma mumbles while blushing lightly looking away from his mate to look at his brother again "why don't we just walk up to them and ask" Sasukie, asks "because we don't know if Sasuke will allow us near Naruto or not so this is just for safe measures" Menma replied Sasukie sighs and give Menma the 'are you kidding me' look.

"then why are we even here" Sasukie says  "to watch over Naruto duh" Menma says his ears twitching "but we can just leaving the protecting thing to Sasuke he is Naruto mate after all" Sasukie, says "look I know it may seem weird to you but it really isn't all were doing is just......uh side guarding ya side guarding" Menma says proud of himself "that doesn't even make any sin-" Sasukie was cut off by Menma's tail shushing him.

"this is just how it's gonna be now hush we're working we can talk later" Menma says looking back at Sasuke and Naruto seeing them get up and continue their walk "let's go their leaving" Menma says while Sasukie groaned but followed, his mate anyway but soon under stood "ohhhh your a tsundere aren't you" the wolf says while smirking "am not" Menma replied back while letting out a soft growl while his mate only snickered.

"I hate you so much" Menma says pouting "no you love me" Sasukie says smirk "shut up" Menma says while blushing even more still following his brother and his mate around the park until Sasukie got annoyed and took his mate's wrist and walk away from the couple they were just following.

They ended up at Ichiraku's Ramen "hey guys" Sasukie says to Ayame and her father as they smiled "hi Sasukie, Menma....where's Naruto" Ichiraku asks "with Sasuke" Menma says shrugging and as soon that was said long and behold Sasuke walks in with Naruto right behind him.

"what do you mean with Sasuke" Sasuke asks while Naruto slightly looks up at the then looks away from them.

The couple sat down "hey Naruto....what's wrong" Ayame asks tilting her head to side while the blond only shook his head still looking down not saying any thing worry the 5 that stood before him "1 ramen bowl please" Naruto mumbles but just loud enough for them to hear the order "Alright Naruto" Ichiraku says then retreated to the kitchen.

"1 ramen for us as well" Menma says as Ayame nods and left to the back.

Sasuke leans over to Naruto "do you wanna cuddle when we get home" he whispered looking at his mate but after while of waiting Naruto nods "ok" Sasuke says sitting up straight.

-------------(time skip)-----

Sasuke and Naruto were both laying in bed in each other's arms the only sound in the room was the foxes soft purr.

"Sasuke" Naruto mumbled and looked up at the wolf "ya Naruto" Sasuke says "do you love me" Naruto asks as Sasuke's tail frizzes up a bit "of course I do" the raven replied back.

Naruto gets up and sits on Sasuke's tummy looking down at the raven with sad eyes "is that true" the blond asks his nine-tails twitches slightly "yes" Sasuke says sitting up at bit looking into Naruto's eyes as he leaned in close and kisses his mate surprising the fox who pulled back blushing deeply looking at the wolf in shock "what it's not like that was your first kiss why so surprised" Sasuke says tilting his head while smirking causing Naruto's face to burn up even more and look away.

Sasuke chuckles and hugs Naruto close to letting out a playful growl and softly kisses Naruto's neck making the blonds fur on his tail and ears to stand on end "I love you Naru" Sasuke whispered softly in Naruto's ear before, softly nibbling on his ear lob earning a squeak from Kitsu.

Sasuke pulls away and kisses Naruto's nose "your Adorable......My adorable Kitsune..........My Sweet Kitsune" Sasuke says as his tail wagging.


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