The End

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The sleek black Jaguar slowly pulled out of the churchyard, closely followed by a procession of cars, with the hearse bringing up the rear. It wove its way along the town's busy streets, mourners lining the streets to pay their respects. Their faces wore smiles despite the occasion; after all, he would've encouraged them to smile and expected they wouldn't cry for him.

As the procession finished its journey to the cemetery, the crowd slowly filed in for the ceremony. To see the hundreds of people gathering to say their goodbyes, to the outside this may look like the funeral of a widely beloved man. But you'd be wrong. This is the funeral of a liar, a heartbreaker, and a criminal. How do I know? This is MY funeral we're talking about.

I know, it's pretty confusing, so let me start where it all began. It all started with a routine operation...

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