Noriaki Kakyoin: Part 3, Time After Time

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Deciding to retire from the attic, the pair of you made dinner together. It was only a simple affair, fixing up some pasta with leftovers, but the food looked absolutely delicious.
"Tamura, Nana! Food!"
The eight year old made his way through from the living room speedily, but you heard nothing from Nana as usual. Calling for her a couple more times, Kakyoin noticed the sorrowful lip bite. He excused himself from the table, giving your back a loving rub and pulling you into a tight cuddle. After a reassuring word, he offered to go up and fetch her.
The oak door was still locked, the cherry blossom design he had painted on it faded, from what must have been six weeks of slammed doors. Not only was his paintwork damaged, but the door frame was scratched up pretty bad, too. Swallowing, he knocked first. There was no answer. Knocking again, he accompanied it with his voice.
"Darling, it's me. You know your dinner is ready, right?"
"I don't want to talk!" Head against the door, he was beside himself with concern. Why was she withdrawing herself like this? Could it be...?

No. That was a silly idea. He would have noticed by now. You had even said yourself. It was better to try and communicate through the door again.
"Nana, come on. Come out and give me a hug. You're upsetting your Mother." When he didn't receive an answer once more, he knew he had no choice but to sneakily unlock the door with one of Hierophant Green's tendrils. "I'm coming in." As he walked in, he noticed the lump in her bed. He moved forward slowly through the room,  settling himself down on her bed. Placing a caring hand on the duvet mound, his voice was sweet and considerate. "You want to tell me what the matter is?"
A muffled rejection came from under the duvet. Nana's voice wavered, like she was scared. Kakyoin bent over slightly to face his ear to her whimpering. She still wouldn't speak up.
That's when he remembered the wardrobe. He hated to invade her privacy, but he needed to see her. Lifting the blanket up, her face was a pale sheet of shock. Droplets of tears had spread on her mattress, growing in size where they had fallen. The bags under her eyes looked big enough to catch them. The young girl felt her father's strong arms wrap around her, a feeling of safety finally kicking in and softening her stiff body.
"It didn't go away... It's still there..."
"What didn't?" Staying within the confines of Kakyoin's firm grasp, a faltering hand shyly pointed over to the corner of the room. She didn't fully extend it because she didn't expect him to see, like everyone else. Sat there was a small, fox-like humanoid. It stared at her with bright, blue protective eyes. They could rival Jotaro's. It had scaly skin, rough and raised like goosebumps, ivory white. The Stand graciously bowed it's head to him, appearing to express gratitude.
He had been right all along. His daughter manifested a Stand. All this time, she had discovered her Stand. She could take it. "Oh, Sweetheart."
"So, are you gonna call me crazy like the rest of my school, then?" Nana spat. The man blinked, a knowing smirk on his face. "Mom can't see it, either."
Without warning to her, he summoned Hierophant Green, the child's eyes widening in pure amazement. He trapped her mouth before she could squeal, transforming it into a cuddle. The green robot-like creature flipped round, excited to be out in the house. He hated open spaces, but felt at ease in Kakyoin's house. Waving at Nana, the young girl curled backwards, wanting to be closer to her father.
"This is Hierophant Green. I promise you he isn't anything to be scared of. I told you it wasn't some lame ghost story, didn't I?" The robotic snake like creature offered his hand to the female, to which she refused almost immediately, shaking her head. "Go on, he wants to be your friend." Cautiously giving her hand to the unravelling ghost, Hierophant inspected it before letting the small girl touch him. "He's the same thing as, um... This, in your bedroom... Is this why you made Mom move your wardrobe? Did you think there was a monster in there?"
She nodded, seemingly worried about how he might react. "It's alright. Just tell me the truth."
"I—I saw it about three weeks ago. I was angry and..." The child stopped, tears forming in her eyes. "It bit a teacher at school!" she cried.
"Oh dear..." Kakyoin frowned slightly, resting his arm round his little girl. "Why did you get blamed?"
"I pointed at it but she said she couldn't see it! Nobody could!" The young girl seemed to avoid the question. There was more to this than just her Stand. Hierophant had discovered the other Stand, trying to pet it. Shifting along the bed a little, he held his child close, whilst she watched his Stand fly around the room, just looking at things and interacting with her Stand. His User also kept a close watch on him from the bed.
"Nana, you remember those stories I used to tell you, about that Vampire Lord in Egypt? The ones that Mom didn't like me telling you?"
"The ones that had Uncle Jotaro in them?" Softly smiling, he agreed silently.
"Yeah, those ones. Did you ever believe them?"

Nana didn't want to break her father's heart, but she believed them kind of.
"Umm... Some parts of them. I don't think Uncle Pol would lick a toilet... Would he?" Chuckling, Kakyoin cringed at the memory. "...He didn't really, did he?"
"Not by his own choice. Anyway, she didn't want me to tell you them, because they aren't tales. They're true. They really happened."
"...Even the one where Uncle Abdul died?!" 
Kakyoin shuddered slightly at the thought, his hands remembering the weight of his limp body. "Y-Yes. Thank God he's alive." Breathing in, he peeked over. "Or he would never have seen your cute little face, would he?" Her beam placed a warmth in his chest he desperately needed. The memories were difficult to bring up sometimes. As bedtime stories, it was no problem for him, because they were just stories. That's what you always told the kids, anyway. "Anyhow, the bad guy is what caused my—"
Shuffling caught him off guard, Hierophant was trying to pick up his daughter's toys, but struggling to grasp the small magnets he had found as they were sticking to his fingers. He was maniacally waving his hand, Nana's Stand rolling it's eyes. "...That's how I ended up with the scars on my eyes."
"So... That's a Stand... Like in the stories?"
"It is. Hierophant is mine. He's been with me since I was about your age."
"He looks just like how you described him in the stories, Dad. Can he really juggle?"
Hierophant crossed his arms at his user, emotionless face contradicting his miffed posture.
"I might have made up that bit... But, the other kids at school and your teachers, they can't see it because they don't have one. They're humans."
"You mean... not everyone has one?"
"No Darling, you're a Stand User. They aren't all that common. This must be so difficult for you but, you're so much more powerful than you think. Your Stand will listen to your commands and protect you, with practice." Her eyes fixated on him reminded him of your face when you learned he was a Stand User.

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