I pulled on my blue, red, and yellow crop top tee shirt over my head. I looked at my toned stomach and fingered my belly button. I should get a belly ring. I shoved my phone, ipod, and wallet into the back pockets of my bleached denim cropped shorts and turned around so I could look at my booty. Fat as usual. I smiled to myself and put the rest of my ensemble on. Silver hoops, red star necklace, visa print Superman snap back, and blue, red, and white high top Supras. I applied some mint lip gloss onto my lips and smiled to myself in the mirror. My hair was flat ironed and hanging down my back with my bangs hanging out to the side. I blew a kiss at my reflection and then dashed down the steps. I grabbed my keys and got into my mom's cream colored Cadillac and started down the street.

Today was the day that I was taking Diggy for a day out. We were going to Dave and Buster's and then the beach together. I hadn't told Angel 'cause I know how he would react. He'd probably be pissed at me forever and then start askin' a bunch of questions. So, this date was just gunna be between Diggy and I. Lord knows how happy I am to have Diggy back in my life. And I wanted this happiness between he and I to last forever.

I pulled up to Diggy's hotel and dialed his number on my phone. Within like two rings he answered.

"Hey you ready?" I asked putting the car in park.

He was such a pretty boy and we all knew it.

"Gimme like five minutes aight" he answered.

"Multiply that by three. You mean in fifteen minutes. How 'bout I come upstairs?" I teased.

"You think you funny. I'm commin' down now" he replied.

"Aight i'm gunna blow part of the surprise. Bring stuff for the beach later" I said.

"Make that twenty minutes" he responded.

I laughed and hung up. I shoved my phone in my pocket. Diggy's hotel was in the middle of no where and getting to Dave and Buster's was like a thirty minute drive and then to the beach was another hour. So just to be nice, I popped in his favorite Watch The Throne album and bumped. A light knock on my window startled me a bit, but I then unlocked the doors once I realized it was Diggy.

I got out of the car and pulled a blind fold out of my back pocket and motioned for Diggy to come hither. A little confused, he walked over to me and gave me a quick hug.

He was wearing a white, blue, and purple Young and Reckless tee shirt, denim jeans, and white high top Nike's. His hair was freshly cut and he smelled of Old Spice cologne.

"Aight now turn around" I commanded.

"Why?" he asked looking at me up and down.

"So I can get a good look at 'dat ass" I answered pursing my lips together.


"Nah I'm just putting this blind fold on you"


"Why you askin' all 'dem questions!? Turn ya ass around!!"

He turned around apprehensively and I wrapped the blind fold around his eyes. I tied it and turned him towards me using his shoulders.

"Can you see?" I asked.

"Nope" he answered.

"Good" I replied.

I guided him to the passenger side and shoved him into the car. I jogged around to the other side and got into the drivers side. I pulled off and started down the express way.

"So why do I have to wear a blind fold?" he finally asked.

"Because I don't want you to know where i'm taking you" I replied.

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