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Guard Snake
You held on tightly to your father's leg as he led you and your mother through a strange place. Your 5 year old mind immediately thought it was a zoo since you saw many animals on your way down, though it saddens you to see them locked in cages looking so miserable. Your mother tugged on your arm.
"Are you sure we should have brought (Y/N)?"
"Oh course! We have nothing to fear! Besides, who would we have watch her?"
Your parents had been adamant about spending every second they could with, even considering homeschooling, only to be shot down by your annoyed grandfather. You didn't mind all that much since it meant you were never lonely. Eventually, the 3 of you came to a large metallic door which swung open to reveal a man with spiked brown hair and a monocle on his left eye and a younger man with blond hair and dark blue eyes, wearing a lot of skulls which scared you. The middle age man smiled at your parents.
"Ah, Mr and Mrs (L/N), I'm so thrilled to have you join us. Your research will be vital to this operation," you hid behind your father's leg as he shook your parents hands, catching his eye.
"And who might this young lady be?" Your mom chuckled.
"Our daughter (Y/N). Pardon, she's a bit shy,"
"No need to apologize, she can sit over there while we discuss things," Your dad nudge you in the direction of the chair he had pointed to and you took a seat as the grown ups started to talk.
"So you really found one?"
"Indeed, a young one at that. I'd put him only a few years older than your daughter,"
"This could be ground breaking! Think of the theories of human evolution this could inspire!"
Eventually, you tuned out of the conversation, growing more and more bored as the time past, struggling to stay awake until the blond skull man, who you learned was named Ryuuhou from the bits of the conversation, snuck up behind you.
"Yeah, I can see how this could bore a 4 year old,"
"I'm 5!" You retorted puffing out your cheeks. He gave an unnerving smile.
"My mistake. Still, this is no place for kids. You know, there's this really fun room in the facility that I'm sure you'd love!"
"Really?" He nodded.
"Yeah, just go down the hall a make the first left. Then, use this key to open up the door next to the window with all the plants behind it," he gave you a plastic card with his face on, and you, being ever so naive, ran off in search of fun, not noticing the sadistic grin on his face as you left. You followed Ryuuhou's instructions and came up in the door he had talked about. You placed the card on the scanner like you had seen your mother do a couple times in the past and it slide open, allowing you access. Inside was thick jungle plants weaving together, making it had to peer more than a few feet into the darkness. It was hot and humid, just like the surrounding jungle outside the building, making you wonder why they need a room like this one when you could just walk outside and find the exact same thing. You traveled deeper into the maze like foliage, enjoying the pretty flowers and birds you spotted along the way.
"Hello? Is anyone in here?" you called. A sharp hissing came from behind you and you turn to see a topless boy glaring at you from behind a log. Even though it was obvious this boy wasn't exactly in the mood to chat, you ignored it, happy to meet someone in your age range in this place.
"Hi!" You greeted. He hissed.
"You shouldn't be here human!"
"Well that's not nice. I just wanted to play," you edge closer, putting the boy on guard.
"Stay back!" You stared in confusion.
"Why do you look so scared? I'm not scary! I'm (Y/N)!"
"I said stay back!" He hissed again, revealing a pain of long sharpened fangs and a forked tongue. You stared in wonder.
"Wow! That's so cool!" You said running up to him to get a better look. He edged back, not wanting you to get any closer, but you persisted, standing on the log to meet his eyes.
"I've never met a person with teeth like yours! I bet you could scare away the scariest of monsters with those!"
"What are you doing? What aren't you attacking me?"
"Why would I do that?"
"Because you're a human!"
"So? I just want to be friends," he looked dumbfounded, unable to respond as you smiled gently. You gazed at his features, from his shiny dark navy locks to his deep red eyes.
"You're really pretty you know!" He blushed hard.
"W-wha-!? Why are you saying that?!"
"Because it's true. What's your name?"
"It's nice to meet you Koujaku!" You shook his hand, slightly noting the long black claws on his fingers. He seemed to relax a bit after accepting you weren't a threat.
"Why are you here? Usually the people who come in here poke me with those thin shiny thorns," You gagged.
"You must mean needles. I don't like them either, but papa says they keep us from getting sick. Maybe they're trying to help you," he gritted his teeth.
"They could do that by letting me out!"
"Why are you here?" You asked curiously. Koujaku sighed before moving from behind the log, revealing a long bright crimson snake tail with black diamonds outlined with gold in place of legs.
"That's amazing! You're a snake man like in my papa's stories!"
"I'm a naga. And your dad's stories?"
"Papa tells me stories all about different monsters and creatures! They probably just want to talk you about yourself and then you can go home!" Koujaku stared in relief.
"I think so," he smiled.
"Thanks, I think I feel better,"
"So...wanna play a game?"
"Sure, what games do humans play?"
"We could play tag,"
"What's tag?" You grinned mischievously before booping his nose and taking off.
"Tag! Your it! Now you have to catch me!" Koujaku took a moment to process this before racing after you.
"Hey! Wait up!" You stuck your tongue at him as you kept running.
"No way! You have to catch up!" You ran in the direction of the entrance, nearly there before the naga crashed into you, the 2 of you rolling on the ground laughing happily at your antics.
"Got you!"
"Ok ok! You win!" You took a moment to catch your breaths as you laid on top of Koujaku's scales. They were warm and nice to touch. Suddenly, you felt Koujaku sniff your hair. You laughed, thinking it was another game.
"What are you doing silly!"
"(Y/N), you smell really nice, like fruits and flowers,"
"Really?" You sniffed your locks, but didn't seem to find the scent he was talking about.
"I think you might be confused,"
"No no! You really do-,"
"(Y/N)!" You turned at your mother's screaming and saw her, your father, the 2 men before, and a bunch of scary men dressed in armor carrying guns.
"(Y/N) get away from it!" Your father demanded as the men advance. Koujaku hissed, wrapping his tail and arms around you and bringing protectively to his chest. The men surrounded the 2 of you as the naga tried desperately to shield you from them.
"Don't worry (Y/N), I'll protect you!" Suddenly, a shot went of as a dart pierced the boy's skin, causing him to scream in pain. He went limp in seconds and you were pulled away from him, kicking and screaming.
"Koujaku! No! Don't hurt him! Koujaku!"
You were pushed into your parent's arms as they questioned why you were there and if the monster had hurt you. You stamp your foot to the ground, now angry.
"No! We were playing and you hurt him meanies!" They were shocked and the monocle man stepped forward.
"I see. I find it interesting that this girl was able to communicate so well with Koujaku. Usually he refuses to talk to anyone,"
"He's my friend," You huffed. He smiled in a creepy sort of way.
"I see. Well (Y/N), how would you like to play with Koujaku more?" Your anger faded as you looked at him with happiness.
"You can't be serious!" Your mother protested.
"Koujaku is stressed in this environment. Perhaps social interaction with someone close to his age might make him more cooperative to questioning,"
"And if he attacks her?" Your father asked.
"He'd never hurt me!" You reaffirmed.
"We'll be sure to keep an eye on her during their play dates," Ryuuhou assured them. Your parents seemed reluctant still, but eventually your father nodded.
"Yay!" You cheered.
Over the next few weeks, whenever Koujaku wasn't with the doctors or your parents, you were playing with him in the jungle room, the guards always nearby in case he tried something. You ignored them since you knew your friend wouldn't hurt you. Koujaku seemed to perk up more and more as time went on, revealing a very charming and gentlemanly personality. He even gave you a necklace with one of his baby fangs that had fallen out.
"So you always have a piece of me wherever you go!" He said while putting it on you. You in turn then took off a small aqua bracelet and put in on his wrist.
"There! Now we both have each other with us!" You both laughed happily and continued to play.
However, all good things must come to an end.
Late one night, you woke up to your parents screaming at monocle man, who you learned was named Mr Toue.
"Did you really think you could hide this from us!? Isn't he monster enough for you Tatsuo!?" Your father screamed. You peeked from your bedroom doorway and saw the adult arguing.
"You're taking this far too personally (F/N),"
"We want nothing more to do with this!" Your mother added firmly. "We're leaving,"
"Fine then, throw away this golden opportunity!"
"Mama? Papa?" You wearily called. Your parents turned to you before your mom scooped you up and headed towards the exit.
"We're leaving now,"
"When will we be back?" You asked.
"Never," Your father stated. Panic flooded you.
"But! Koujaku!"
"Forget about that monster (Y/N)!" He demanded. You began to cry and desperately struggled in your mother's arms.
"He's not a monster! I want Koujaku!"
Your mother held you tightly as you passed the window which powered into the jungle room. Now, the glass was suppose to be soundproof, yet somehow, Koujaku rushed to the window, sense your distress. You saw him mouth your name. You reached for him.
"Koujaku!" The naga bang desperately against the glass, even clawing at it. For a second you swore you saw his hair begin to turn red as the glass cracked. Just then, a dart struck him in the side and rendered him unconscious, the victorious gunman revealed to be Ryuuhou. You cried louder and louder for your friend, even after you exited the building, drove off, and were at the airport until the eventually crushing power of exhaustion overwhelmed you, and you fell into a deep sleep, still whimpering for the naga boy.
(Time skip)
13 years passed uneventfully, but your time with Koujaku wasn't exactly something you could forget so easily, even always wearing the necklace he gave you. You were furious with your parents for taking you away from him when the naga was clearly alone and frightened with out you, but as you got older, you realized why they did what they did. Toue was doing plenty of shady stuff behind their backs and they didn't want you or them to get hurt in the crossfire. Now a days, you were a normal 18 year old preparing for high school when a life changing event came knocking on your door.
"I'll get it mom!" You yelled from the living room. Your dad was currently away studying bear hybrids in the north (This has actually happened), leaving you and your mom alone. You opened the door to find a familiar blonde haired man with a skull fixation.
He bowed politely.
"You must be (Y/N) (L/N), I don't suppose you remember me?" Out of pure instinct, you grabbed the spear hanging on a mantle nearby and pointed it at him. You had picked it up on one the many trips you took with your father in Africa.
"Leave now Ryuuhou, before I call the cops," he smirked.
"Well someone's grown nerve along with other things as she got older,"
"Get out of my house!"
"I'm not in your house. Now are either of your parents home?"
"(Y/N) honey? Who's at-?" Your mom froze on the stairs at the sight of the man.
"(M/N), you're looking well,"
"(Y/N), give me the spear and call the police," Ryuuhou put his hands up.
"Hey now, no need to be all defensive. I'm just here to ask for your help,"
"You can tell that shady slime ball Toue we want nothing more to do with him!" Ryuuhou feigned hurt.
"Aw, I just thought you might care want happens to the poor naga you were studying all those years ago," you tensed at his tone before pushing the spear tip closer to his neck.
"What did you do to Koujaku?!" He smirked.
"Oh that's right, you were friends with the snake boy. It was so cute. He wouldn't stop crying for you for months after you left," you gritted your teeth.
"What. Did. You. Do?"
"Nothing, he's just become to wild for us to handle and we figured some faces he relates to being nice might make him calmer,"
"Well I say him going wild on you serves you right for trying to turn him into a weapon of war," your mother stated firmly.
"It's a shame you think that. I'm afraid if he isn't calmed down soon, we'll have to terminate him," your heart clenched.
"No! Just let him go!"
"Koujaku isn't exactly the small boy you remember. He's much larger and stronger now. Who knows what kind of damage he could cause if we let him go,"
"If you found him there, it's where he belongs," (M/N) growled. The blonde waved her off.
"In any event, we can't risk it. It's either you calm him or he gets put to sleep," Ryuuhou referee to Koujaku like he was some sick household pet, making your stomach churn. You knew he wasn't bluffing. You looked to your mother with pleading eyes.
"Mom, please! We can't let Toue kill him!" Your mother had been more sympathetic about Koujaku than your father, and you remember her asking Toue adamantly if Koujaku would be set free once the testing was done. She took a moment, arguing with herself, before giving in.
"Very well. I don't agree, but I can't in all good faith let you destroy him," Ryuuhou clapped his hands together.
"Wonderful, we'll leave immediately,"
The facility was in much worse shape than you remembered as you and your mother greeted Toue at the entrance. He wore a smile as if he did nothing wrong.
"It's been a while (M/N)!"
"Not long enough in my opinion,"
"Yes yes, I know your opinion of me. My! This must be little (Y/N) all grown. You've become quite the beautiful young lady since last I saw you," This made you uncomfortable.
"Um, thanks?"
"So where exactly do you have Koujaku contained?" Your mother asked getting straight to the point.
"Well, there's the issue," with a snap of the older man's fingers, guards suddenly circled the 2 of you in an instant before tying your hands in rope.
"Forgive these measures ladies, but it is to insure you don't try to leave before we're done," You hissed at him.
"You tricked us!"
"No young (Y/N), we do indeed need you to calm the naga,"
"His name is Koujaku!"
"Yes I know. You see, Koujaku escaped his confines and has taken over the facility. Anyone who tries to get in is mauled, killed, or both. We hope your presence might suffice to distract him enough for us to contain him again,"
"You mean put him back in a cage," your mother growled.
"In lay man's terms yes. Why do you think we tied up? Now come along," You were forcefully shoved along into the dilapidated building, the walls marred by long claw marks and what you hoped was someone's ketchup. Eventually, you came upon the familiar jungle room. The window up front was shattered and bits of glass were still scattered about. Ryuuhou walked up next to you.
"Boy was he angry when I put my flower on him,"
"What do mean by that?" You asked, entering the jungle biome.
"It was just a test to see if it would keep him calm, I didn't think he'd go so wild afterwards," he answered, fiddling with a bamboo stick with tattoo needles. Your eyes widened.
"D-did you put a tattoo on him?!" He huffed.
"A tattoo she says! Like I would leave my creations alone!"
"Exactly how many did you put on him!?"
"Oh you loose count,"
"And I assume you did sedate for any of it,"
"Of course not! The Tebori method requires full awareness! My creations would be dull otherwise," your felt like they would shatter from how hard you clenched them.
"The Tebori method, the method SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be single most painful method in tattooing a person! You used that on an unstable, full conscious wild animal!?"
"If we die, I die happily knowing you were killed by your own ego and stupidity," you stated to all the men. Ryuuhou put his arm around you, much to your discomfort.
"Oh don't be like that. I even feel the urge to put one of my creations on you," you managed to elbow him in the gut even with your hands tied.
"Careful now Ryuuhou, you wouldn't want Koujaku to have even more reason to come for your head," Toue taunted.
"What exactly is it you're hiding from us?" Your mother demanded. The man smirked.
"Perceptive Mrs (L/N). You see, we've learned much from Koujaku about the naga species. For example, they mate for life. A couple of months ago, we managed to finally get our hands on a female naga. So natural, we tried to compel them to breed. He was polite enough, but the 2 kept a plutonic relationship. When we questioned the female, she said he already had a mate and it would be inappropriate for her to make any sort of advance,"
"So he found a mate before you got to him, so what!?" Your mother retorted. He smirked.
"That's what we thought as well, until the female told us something very interesting: male nagas present their chosen mate with a fang to wear and if the female accepts, she gives an ornament of her choosing to her mate," your blood ran cold at this revelation as your mother gapped in horror.
"You can't possibly mean-!"
"Yep," Ryuuhou confirmed as he played with the fang dangling from your neck. "Little (Y/N) without realizing it agreed to be the mate of a naga. We even check to make sure, and sure enough, naga DNA is compatible with human DNA," You stared at the floor. You were 5! How could you have known that accepting the fang would mark you for life!? Maybe that's the reason you never felt the urge to date? And did Koujaku even know what he was doing or was he just following his instincts? Ryuuhou's next statement only pushed the bile further up into your throat.
"Either way, we were gonna drag you here and once Koujaku went into heat, let him do what he wanted with you, and monitor the pregnancy and experiment on the offspring, but when we escaped, we figured it would just me more simple to manipulate you into coming out of fear for you precious mate! If he ended up putting a few babies in you anyways, it'd just speed things along," Your mother was held back by guards as she surged at him.
"You monstrous, vile-!"
"Hold it, we have movement," one guard said. You then heard a choking sound behind you and turn to see a gun abandoned on the floor.
"Um...wasn't there a guy there?" From the darkness, a bright red tail slammed into Ryuuhou's body, tossing him into a tree trunk. He crashed with a sickening crack and fell lifelessly to the floor.  The guards immediately firing in all directions, but the tail kept popping from nowhere, nailing a few more down. You were so busy following the action, you didn't notice the tail approaching you next until your mother screamed.
In that instant, it wrapped around your waist and pulled you into the darker parts of the jungle. You were terrified as a muscular body pinned yours to the floor. You looked up and saw a man with flowing crimson locks, red hued flower tattoos running along his body, many scars everywhere, and a pair of hair raising eyes with red scleras and yellow tinted irises. He growled terribly, revealing a pair of enormous fangs. You trembled at the stranger, until you noticed something hanging from his neck: a small bracelet. The same one you gave to...
"Koujaku?" The naga froze, his ragged breath calming a bit.
"Koujaku, it's me, (Y/N)," his arms wrapped around you and pulled you to his chest where he dug his face into your neck and breathed in heavily. You tangled you fingers into his red locks, not attempting to pull away.
"What did they do to you?"
"(Y/N)?" In an instant, the red hued flowers faded, leaving only black ones and his hair hair returned to the color you had remembered from your childhood. He stared up from your neck with those beautiful red eyes.
"You're back," he said happily. His voice was now much more masculine, making you suddenly painfully aware at how muscular his torso had become. You just hugged him.
"I missed you. They told me they'd kill you so I had to come!" He held tightly to you.
"Everyday I thought of you. The only reason I stayed was because I knew you'd come back. You kept my fang!" He held the necklace in his large palm and you blushed.
"Yeah, they told me what it meant," he smirked victoriously.
"My beautiful mate," he grabbed your cheeks and thrusted his lips to yours, quickly dominating you. You knew at the back of your brain this was no place, but the front part keep pushing on, wanting to satisfy the growing fire in your stomach. You whined a bit, giving him the perfect opportunity to shove his forked tongue into your mouth, claiming it as his and wrapping his tongue around yours. When he finally released you, you huffed for breath as your cheeks burned. A clapping noise sounded from behind you and Koujaku hissed, brining you closer to him.
"Well Koujaku, I didn't think you'd recover so quickly," Toue taunted. "Now I suppose you wish to stake your claim on this innocent girl?" He hissed.
"Believe me, I plan on preforming the mating ceremony on my precious little mate with great enthusiasm before the week is out, but when I fill her belly with my child, it'll be far from your reach,"
"K-Koujaku!?" You sputtered as the redness of your cheeks grew hotter.
"And what makes you think you'll last long enough to escape?" The naga smirked.
"Because I was only playing games until I got what I wanted," the next moments were blurry as Koujaku launched at Toue and the guards. All you remember was the sound of tearing flesh, the smell of iron, and your mother screaming for you. The next moment you were outside and rushing deeper into the jungle. When the facility was out of was out of sight, Koujaku pinned your body to a tree and released your hands from the ropes.
"Sorry little one. I need you to sleep for a while. I also need to make sure the other males know exactly who you belong to," he plunged his fangs into the tender spot on your neck, making you cry out as the somehow euphoric feeling. A warmth spread through you and you fell limp.
You woke up in a cave covered by a waterfall in what appeared to be a nest made from animal furs. When you tried to rise, you realized your arms were pinned to your sides by bright red coils hugging your form. A deep chuckled vibrated from behind you as velvety lips caressed the back of your neck.
"Good morning beautiful,"
"Koujaku," you moaned.
"Those noises, I plan to hear many more of them through out the day!" He was suddenly over you with a smirk that would make any sane woman submit.
"What are you-?"
"You're my mate little one, so it's time I marked your body completely. Don't worry about being hungry, you'll be plenty full when I'm through with you. Now, let's see if we can't draw out even more of those lovely sounds,"
Throughout the day, the cave walls echoed the sound of your pleading screams of Koujaku's name and his deep chuckles as he took you over and over. Through it all, he said he was preparing you for when the mating season began and he would truly loose all sense of restraint.

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