Chapter 7: With Victory Comes Rewards

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It's been a total of six months since Zoro had arrived here at Gloomy Island no thanks to Bartholomew Kuma and his devil fruit. Six months is half a year, 182 days; Yet it all felt like a month at best. Time passed way too quickly for your taste, then again the older you get the faster time felt to be passing by. No wonder why people say that time is a gift, cherish it, cause before you know it... You'll be alone once two years pass.

Yes Gloomy Island was deserving of its nickname, but today was dark as mother nature unleashed hell upon this island with series of lightning storms with no mercy behind her swings. Either that or somebody broke her spirits that now all she can do is cry... Hard. So you remained inside while Mihawk and Zoro trained outside in the flooding mess surely to turn into a landslide. Ever since Mihawk learned of the attack with the baboons, the scar you earned from the fight that stretched across your chest much like the scar you gave Zoro in the beginning of his journey, you were since then left out of Zoro's training sessions. Mihawk said it was to prevent you from harming yourself any further, in which you could agree with to an extent. He also said that until Zoro can defeat Mihawk in a fight where Mihawk only uses a knife at most five inches in length, you shall remain on standby until Zoro is ready to face him with a sword. Clearly it's taking Zoro more than half a year to do so...

And so you sat at the fogging window that gave off chilled winds, you watched the boys face the storm head on all the while getting extremely bored in the process with your head rested within your hand. Your fingers tapped lightly upon the desk with due thuds, you peeled your eyes from the two males to the sheet of yellow sat before you barren of all things. You reached out for a jar of ink, unscrewing the cap and dipped the end of a brown quill into the jar and began writing upon the parchment.

Perona's eyes watched your feather dance within the air while you wrote. "I'm guessing you're bored as well," Perona questioned as she floated above your head, swooping down and sat upon one end of the desk.

"Yup," you grumble.

"Who ya writin' to?" Perona asked in return with what you caught to be false curiosity.

"Shanks... Cause why not?" You shrugged slightly.

"How the heck have you been able to live here for the last ten years?"

"I don't know Perona... I don't know," You growled with irritation as you pushed the note off to the side and dropped your head upon the desk. "Mihawk has been too busy training Zoro to get me new books and records to keep me occupied..."

"Is that why you're writing to Shanks?" Perona was a woman to ask lots of questions you've definitely noticed.

"Kind of," you mumbled through the wooden desk. An imaginary lightbulb flickered on within your head, and so you jumped to your feet with a long stretch. "I'm going outside, you coming?"

"Ewe no!" She spits. "Two gross men, baboons, and a storm."

"Suit yourself."

Mihawk kicked Zoro in the chest, knocking the brute upon the ground. "Pathetic."

"Shut it!" Zoro took a sword from his mouth, spitting out some mud in the process. Earth was a bitter taste within his mouth. "The rain is making everything difficult! It's either I slip or sink in the mud like water."

"Excuses excuses," Mihawk pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'd love to get out of here but absolutely no progress has been made today..."

"You think I haven't noticed that?" Zoro rolled his eyes, pushing up on the ground just to sink further into the mud.

"Well," Mihawk tuts. "We're not taking shelter until you've defeated me."

"What!?" Zoro snapped.

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