Chapter 27

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-Kankri P.O.V-

That last few days were, uneventful. A few supply trips and such, but you've decided to go on a special mission on your own. There isn't a guarantee you'll be able to go back, but it's good to know what Derek's planning. You follow him, hopping from tree to tree, roof top to roof top. It wasn't hard to find him, you just had to follow the sound of pain and suffering. He seems to have a wolf pack of demons follow him, they're clearly mindless, you could easily turn them to your side, given your status as an 'alpha'. You quickly notice on of the demons stray away from the rest, it almost seems they're looking right at you. Derek takes notice and comes over with the rest of the pack.

"Good boy." He pets the demon that ratted you out. "So did you change your mind?" You growl at him. He flies up to where you are. "Come on, you'll be the most powerful being on the planet."

"If you think power is what I'm after Strider, you clearly don't know me."

"I could bring your loved ones back." You glare at him. "Oh right, you don't love anyone."

"No, I just know everything that comes out of your mouth is lies." He chuckles.

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any more feisty. Aw, did I hit spot?" You growl at the poor excuse for a demon before you. He suddenly grabs you. "Payback." He throws you down onto the ground. Unlike him, you can't fly, he's some combination of almost every type of demon, every type expect yours, that is. He grabs you by the collar and drags you. The demon from earlier is quite close to you, you take it as a sign that they're loyal to you.

"Hey." They look at you, they have dark long straight hair covering most of their face, you move it out of the way to reveal glowing teal eyes, you smile when you see her face again. "Get me out of here." Suddenly the other demons attack Derek while Latula drags you away. On the way you notice the Captor house. "Put me down, and don't run off, okay?" She does what you ask and you head to the door, giving it a knock. A very tired looking man answers.

"Yeah?" He asks, his eyes not even open.

"Could you get Mituna and follow me?" His eyes immediately open and hug you.


"Whoa, wrong Vantas! Wrong Vantas!" He puts you down and apologizes. You head back to the house, Psii carying a sleeping Mituna and you carrying their things. Latula starts wondering around the house until she stops in front of the room Terezi's in, you let Psii know which room Sollux is in and get some found for her. You come back to see her scratching at the door. "She's asleep Latula, come here." She goes on your lap and you feed her. "You should get some sleep, okay?" You hear her yawn a bit and get comfortable on your lap. You sense she's still in there, it's not as bad as Dirk's case, she just needs time to remember. "Goodnight Latula." You softly whisper as she drifts off. Now, how the hell are you going to get to bed?

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