Still here

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Some kind of rustling sound wakes me up. The sound seems somewhat recognizable, I've heard it before. There it is again, it sounds like, what are they called again? Leaves, that's the word I was looking for. Leaves are rustling around me, would I be in a forest of some kind? I move my body a little, as far as I'm capable. It feels like I'm laying on top of something soft, could be the leaves. I try to get up, without success. My arms refuse when I try to even move them. Then I manage to open my eyes, a clear blue sky, framed by tall trees, stares back at me. Now I am sure that I am in a forest. I wonder why I am here. And an even more important question; Who am I? And where am I? How did I get here? My mind starts boggling with questions, without any answers. My muscles feel incredibly tense as I try to move my arms once more. The strength comes back to my limbs. Slowly but surely I make my way on my feet. As I look around my assumption is confirmed, I'm in a forest. But I can't see any hint towards a way out of this forest. Perhaps the print my body left in the leaves has a clue for me. Nothing happens. I look down at myself and notice I am dressed in a short black dress with red plateau heels. I must have been at some sort of special event, these aren't the kind of clothes someone would wear to work, or would I be that kind of person?. As I stretch out my tensed muscles, I feel as if some object is stuck in my bra. I reach between my breasts and find a card. I pull it out and see it is an ID card, probably mine. The card tells me that my name is Ella Langdon and I was born in 1995, which means I am twenty one years old, at least I do remember what year it is. As I see my own name a few memories cross my mind. I'm a college student, at Kingston University to be precise. I am studying film art. But I still can't seem to remember how I got here. The last event I remember is me and my three best friends going to London on spring break, which is no explanation for my current residence. And then worry starts to sink in, what do I do now? I know who I am and what I was doing last, but how do I get out of this place. Maybe I should just get walking. Staying over here isn't going to help me one anyway. I take a couple of steps but notice that my vision becomes blurry again. The trees suddenly seems to be dancing and the forest seems to be spinning. It is hard to stay balanced in a spinning forest so I sway from one leg onto another. Between the dancing trees I see one thing bright and clear, all of a sudden a small white rabbit appears. He or she is even moving my way. Although rabbits don't speak this one is certainly trying to communicate with me. It lift its foot and urges me to follow him, or at least that's what I think the rabbit is trying to tell me. I can't help but run after it when the rabbit hops on. Maybe this bunny will help me find my way home. It hops and hops as I run and run, there seems to be no end to it. Even though we've been moving for a while, the scenery remains exactly the same. But then I see something move in the corner of my eye, I turn my head and I see a silhouette, leaning against a tree. His unwrinkled face make me think he is a young man. I walk towards the silhouette, maybe he can tell me where I am or help me find a way out. I look back, only to find the rabbit has gone up in smoke. I look around to see where it went but there's no sign of the rabbit. When the man looks up, showing me his deep green eyes, he notices my presence and walks towards me.

 When the man looks up, showing me his deep green eyes, he notices my presence and walks towards me

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