Chapter 8

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Peter glanced down the dark hallway, checking to see if any of the Avengers were still up. It was four in the morning; unlikely, but you never know. He sucked in a breath silently and ducked back inside his room, glancing towards the ceiling. In the corner, almost small enough not to be seen, was a tiny swiveling camera. He pulled the sleeve of his sweatshirt up and quickly shot a web at it, covering it completely. He pulled off his clothes to reveal his Spidey suit underneath. He pulled on his mask and approached the window, unlatching it and popping out the screen as gently as he could. He set it inside and hopped up on the ledge, looking back inside as he did so. "I'm sorry Mr. Stark," he mumbled to himself before turning back around and leaping out, shooting a web at the closest building and swinging high into the air.


"Hey Peter, you awake?" Wanda asked softly after knocking on his door delicately. There was no answer. She peeked inside, expecting to see the spiderling curled up on his bed. Instead, all she saw were his shed clothes on the floor and the open window. She cursed in her native tongue. "Stark!" she called down the hallway to his room a couple doors down. "Your son ran away!" There was a loud crashing sound, and Tony's head popped out of the doorway.

"He what?"

"He got out the window, you don't think he-"

"No, he did." He ran his fingers through his hair before calling, "Friday, get me a suit. Wanda, tell the others to meet me outside." Tony all but ran to the doors.


"Where do you think he went?" Rhodey asked over the comms. They were weaving between skyscrapers, all the non-flying Avengers following loosely below.

"I don't have to think, I'm just waiting for..." A light popped up on Tony's HUD. "That. Alright, he's on the corner of 97th and Ottoman."

"Did you put a tracker on him?" Steve asked.

"Not exactly."


After at least an hour of searching through Queens, Peter finally found what he was looking for. The storefront where the man was sighted in front of. He landed silently and looked around, searching for any sort of housing in the area. It was likely that it was within walking distance, if he was guessing right. He caught sight of a tall apartment building nearby. "How many people are in there?" he asked Karen.

"Twenty-seven," she responded, putting their silhouettes on his HUD. Peter climbed up the side of the building, heading for the window of the nearest person. He peeked in. Just a couple sleeping. He crawled around the side of the building, looking in another. A teen and his dog. The next one? Exactly who he was looking for. He kicked the glass out of the window and jumped inside, the sleeping man inside so startled he fell off the couch. Peter walked right over and picked the man up by the collar of his shirt, hefting him against the wall.

"Hey hey hey hey!" he yelled, grasping at Peter's hand. "What's the deal? Who are you?" It was quite dark in there; Peter had night-vision, he didn't.

"You..." Peter didn't realize how much his voice would quiver when he tried to speak. "You killed her." Despite his best efforts, the words came out cracked. He felt the tears return to his eyes, and he lifted the man up higher. "You didn't have to kill her."

"Who are you talking about?" Peter punched him. Hard.

"May Parker!" Silence. "You didn't have to- you didn't have to kill her. Why?! What did she do to deserve to die?!" More silence. "Answer me!" Nothing. He threw the man down with strength he didn't even know he had. He was pretty sure he heard the floor crack as he did so. He was about to punch him again when a metal gauntlet caught his wrist.

"That's enough kid." Peter looked up. He didn't even hear Tony fly in.

"He killed her!" he exclaimed, "I-"

"Kid, don't do this, you'll regret it." Tony's tone was soft but firm. Peter looked up at him before slowly unclenching his fist and lowering his arm.

"How did you even..."

"Karen pinged me." He narrowed his eyes. "It was a secondary program I added just in case. Only works once," he explained. "Now come on, we'll let the police take care of this guy." Peter was reluctant but let himself be led back to the window. Tony climbed out first and hovered while Peter did the same and stuck himself to the wall. "C'mon, let's go home."

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