24 (Words)

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"We had a fight!" Jin was crying his eyes out on jungkook's lap, sniffing and wiping his snot on jungkooks jumper "sorry."

"Its fine..." jungkook looked at his jumper and silently gagged, his expensive jumper was ruined thanks to his brother.

"How you...feeling?"

Jungkook always pretends he doesn't care. But the truh is that his heart shatters just to see a frown on his older borthers face. He wishes that his brother would have the best time all the time. Everywhere he goes.

Jungkook would cry with jin every night when they came home from school. Jungkook was popular in his year but when it comes to jin, he got verbally abused by those kids.

'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me' was just a metaphor to keep the kids getting bullied happier but it wasnt really true.

"S-sticks and s-stones may b-break my bones b-but words can n-never hurt me." Jin kept repeating that, the past was comig back to him. Where all those kids would spit terrible words at him.

The younger scoffed. "Words do hurt you. When you say you love someone but that person says he doesn't, it would hurt so much. When you say you want to get a doughnut but they say it's out of stock, wouldn't that hurt you? That bullshit rhyme they made was for little kids to make them feel better. You have me. I can even introduce you to my other friends if you like."

"I have this jhopesworld and CuppaTae on snap. Namjoon gave it to me." Jin smiled, knowing he'll make new friends soon.

"Tae? You have...Tae?"

"Yeah why? Wait a minute...I see that cheeky smile." Jin sung in a cheeky voice "you like Tae?"

The younger stayed quiet and looked down so jin couldn't see him blushing. "Aww you're blushing!" Jin shouted and hugged jungkook "So when are you gonna have the guts to ask him out?"

"No...he has to I'm scared." Jungkook hid face as he remembered him and taehyung at school.

"Tell me more about him. I'll talk to him on snapchat and get to know him more and if I approve then you may date." Jin smiled as jungkook nodded his head still smiling.

"But there's one problem..." Jungkook said.

"What is it?"

"They all think I'm straight."

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