chapter 22

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Something soft ran on my jaw and on my lips disturbing my slumber, but I snuggled back in the warmth. I heard a deep voice chuckling and a strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer towards the warmth. I smiled and snuggled closer to the warmth knowing who was that.

My head was on his chest and our legs tangled together and our bare body touching each other without a gap for air in between us. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he was already looking at me. He had a soft smile gracing his red lips and his eyes looked happy. The dark circles around his eyes were gone and he looked refreshed.

"Good morning, wife", he traced his finger on my bare back which sent shivers through me. His smile widened by my reaction.

"Good morning, husband", I grinned at him and crossed my hands on his chest and kept my head on it. He returned my grin and leaned to peck my lips.

"I love you", he said smiling brightly, those three words warmed my heart, those three words meant so much to me, it meant life to me.

"I love you too", as soon as the words left me, he crashed his lips to mine, he poured his heart in this kiss. I pulled back and looked at him.

"Edward can I ask you something?", I asked him hesitantly.


"Why did you leave me that day when you love me back?", I asked him.
He just sighed and sat up, I moved to get down but he held my hips and stopped my actions. He leaned his head back on the bed post and adjusted me so I was now straddling him. I blushed at our position but said nothing.

"I was scared. I thought you said it out of pity. It was the first time someone said they loved me. I was scared, all my life people said that I will not have a mate. It was a blessing to me when you came in my life, I thought you will never love me because you were forced to marry me but when you said you love me, I was scared, scared how sincere your eyes looked while saying those words to me. I was overwhelmed by it. I was scared to say it back because the people I loved will always leave me, always hurt me", he paused and inhaled sharply, I ran my fingers in his hair to calm him down.

" But when I found you in the ground all bloody and barely breathing I know I had to say it to you. That how much I love you from the second I saw. I know that my soul was bound to yours but the second I saw you I fell in love with you. I was scared to express my love to you. It hurt me whenever you looked at me scared and terrified", he cupped my face in hand and bought it towards his. Our nose touched and his breath fell on my lips.

"I love you so much, rose. I can never think of a life without you. You are my everything, my life, my world. I will rather di-....", I interrupted him by crashing my lips to his. I kissed him with all I had, poured all my feeling in the kiss, I opened my barrier and showed him my thoughts.

"I love you, Edward. I didn't fall in love with you because you went through all this but I loved you because you survived through all that, you never let the anger take control, I love you for the person you are. If you wanted you could have gotten your justice but you didn't. You could left this kingdom to its own doom but you didn't, you came back. I love you because you are you", he looked shocked from my words but gave me a big smile. I embraced him tightly showing my sincerity and my support


"Where are we going?", I asked him trying to catch my breath. He was walking very quickly, I couldn't keep up with his long strides, so I had to jog a little. It was a little problematic to walk fast due to the soreness below there. I blushed deeply at the thought.

"To the throne room", I looked at him shocked, suddenly why was he taking me there? He never allowed before even if I begged him.

"Why?", I asked him a little confused but little excited also. He looked at me and slowed his pace a little. He took my hand in his and pulled closer to him. We stopped before a large door, the guards who stood there bowed at us and opened the door.

"Today is your first lesson", he whispered. I almost gasped at how big the throne room was, it could fit thousand people in here. Edward squeezed my hand, I realized that I had stopped walking.

We walked on the red carpet that was lined till the throne. People raised from there seat and bowed at us. Not only the alpha and councillor were present but also the commoners were present. They even had seats for themselves at the back.

I gasped loudly at the sight of golden Throne. It looked rich and majestic, it held its power in its own way. Two people could easily fit in there. Beside that there was small table which held the crown, it wasn't the crown which I saw in his study room but this was different. It looked powerful and majestic. Two more silver thrones were present little down from the golden Throne.

Edward left my hand, I panicked a little at the thought of him leaving behind. I sighed mentally when he wrapped his one arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. We took the steps that leads to the golden Throne. My hands shivered and I gulped. I was here my first lesson to become a queen, I don't even think about it before. How can I be a queen?
Was I fit to be a Queen? What if the people didn't like me and rebelled against me? Will Edward leave me if he knows I'm not a better queen and marry someone else?

As if knowing my worries which I know that he knows because I didn't put the barrier in my mind, Edward squeezed my hips in a comforting manner, I looked at him, he just smiled and nodded at me.

"You can do this,my little rose", his words flowed in my mind, which gave me a little assurance and comfort. We reached the near Golden Throne. I thought I was going to sit in one of the silver Throne. We both turned towards front, Everyone looked at us in confusion which I know why. Because he didn't make me sit in the silver Throne but took me with him towards the golden Throne.

He held me with him and sat us both in the golden Throne. I heard gasps and whisper. I suddenly felt cold and scared what if they reject me as their queen? Did I made a mistake by sitting in the golden Throne. Before I could stand up from the Throne, all the whispers stopped and a smile broke out on everyone's face. They clapped their hands and shouted hail's in happiness.

"All hail to the king and queen".


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