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Maisie's pov

"Hey dad Fiona's cooking tonight so we are all going over there" I take a sip of his overly strong coffee.
"Ok mais" he stands and kisses my head before walking out the door.

V was obviously already over at Fiona's and was helping set up for the dinner.

"So you and Carl?" My dad spoke up making my stomach do somersaults.

"Erm Yeah?"
"Are you two like...dating?"
"I don't know"
Honestly I didn't know, we act like we are but then again we just fuck, it's more like a friends with benefits kinda situation. But I'm 'HIS' the whole situation confused me but we did admit we loved each other. Ugh.

I was pulled out my thoughts when the smell of lasagne filled my nose.

"Mhm, Fi this smells so good" I walk up to her giving her a tight hug.

"Well you're just on time it's ready please go get the rest, I don't feel like shouting" she winked and pushed me toward the stairs.

I walked up and shouted outside the door to Debbie.

"Debs dinners ready!"
And then to the boys room, where I over heard lip, Ian and Carl talking.

"I don't know what to do?"
"What do you mean? She likes you bro can you really not tell?" I heard lip say. Were they talking about me?

"She does?" Carl you're one dumb boy.
"Fucking hell Carl. Just ask the girl out!" But before I heard a response Fiona shouted up the stairs.

"DINNERS READY" I quickly ran into the bathroom so they didn't know I was listening.

I flushed the toilet so it looked like I had used it and walked back out into the hall.

"Hey princess" this scared me a little as I thought they had all gone downstairs.
"Hey, Carl dinners ready come on" I reached my hand out for him .

He took my hand and followed behind as we walked down to the kitchen, however releasing my hand when we got to the third last step.

I sighed and sat beside lip and Ian, digging into my lasagne.

Small conversation was shared over dinner but I couldn't stop thinking of why he let go of my hand. Is he embarrassed to be with me? It's not like my dad doesn't know about us.

"Fiona this is amazing" Debbie said earning nods and grins.
"I agree" I said with a mouthful of it.
"Yeah you have to cook for thanksgiving because I cannot eat V's cooking again" I heard Ian whisper but I couldn't help but laugh as he said it loud enough for her to hear too, kicking him under the table.

"Speaking of..." I piped up now knowing it was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Everyone had stopped talking now and all eyes were on me. I gulped and felt my nerves rising.

"I'm going back home for thanksgiving"
"WHAT!" Debbie shouts shocked
"I'm going ba..."
"No I know what you said but why?"
"I haven't seen my mom in forever and thought it would be a nice-"
"Are you coming back for Christmas?" Carl's voice was heard for the first time at the table.

"That's the thing" my head hung low. I haven't spent a Christmas away from my mom and I don't want to not celebrate it with her.

"Me, mais and V have discussed this and we don't mind her going. If that's what she wants to do" my dad defended while I played with my food.

"Oh well, there's nothing we can do or say to stop you." Carl's face dropped too mirroring my actions.

"When do you leave?" Debbie said still shocked.

"Erm" I scratch the back of my neck.

"Tomorrow" V jumps in.
"Sorry hun"

"You're gonna be gone for longer than a month!" Carl said now looking up at me.

I just nod, before standing up thanking fi for the food and running back home.

I haven't seen them in so long, and it's the perfect opportunity to see them as school broke up.
I walked into my room and pulled out my semi packed suitcase, and finished it off before I snuggled into bed for an early morning the next day.

{next day}

I woke up at 7:00am and jumped into the shower, when getting out I moisturised my face and placing that into my suitcase. Let my hair dry naturally and got dressed into a PINK hoodie and sweats. I put my sliders on and walked out to the car with my suitcase.

I ran over to the Gallaghers wanting to say goodbye before I left, I didn't care that I looked like a tramp I just wanted to say goodbye for the month.

I walked straight in and was welcomed by Fiona with a hug.
"I thought you were leaving today?"
"I am just thought I'd say goodbye"
She pulled me into another hug
"I'll miss you kid, but a month isn't that long"
I laughed along with her and walked over to Ian who had his arms open

After saying goodbye to everyone but Lip because he's at collage I was left one last goodbye. From Carl.

I walked to his room took a deep breath and knocked waiting for a response.
The door swung open to a wet haired, half naked boy.

He had just got out the shower, towel around his waist and I couldn't help but stare.

"Hi M" Wow it's been awhile since he called me M and not Babygirl or princess.

"I was coming to say goodbye. only until Boxing Day and I'll be right back." I smiled up at him trying so hard not to carry on staring at anything below his head.

"Oh Yeah well I'll see you then" he awkwardly went to close the door.

"Erm. Okay? Well I'll see you later" I started walking off before being pulled into a hug, becoming slightly wet from the water on his body.

"Bye Maisie" he waved.

"Bye Carl" I waved back now walking downstairs and getting into my dads pick up truck.

{at the airport}

"Mais promise to text me when you get back home. And call at least every 3 days. And don't miss me too much." He said while I was engulfed in a hug.

"Promise." I say loosening the grip on his lower body and grabbing my suitcase.

"Love you Maisie" he blew a kiss laughing as I walked towards the entrance.

"Love you too" I blew one back laughing, turning around walking through the airport doors.

I cannot wait to see everyone back home.


I didn't know where I was going with this but I like the thought. I'm so excited for season 9 now seeing it on instagram this morning. Ethan looks hot😍 anyway I hope you enjoyed, vote and comment.❤️

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