Part 30- Big News and Alone Time

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Jess' Pov
I woke up on Sly's lap and sat up "So can I tell something that I haven't told yet?" Zane asked "Sure" I said "Me and KC are dating" Zane said "Congrats!" All of us said "Thanks" Zane said "Let's go check the hall so that we know if Mystreet is there" I said and we stood up and went to the hall and everyone was there and Mia and Ryan were being surrounded "Hey!" I said while Luna moved a bit in her sleep and they turned around "Jess, What are we going to do with these two?" Jose asked and I noticed that Alex wasn't there "Don't hurt them. The girl, Mia is the sister of Alex and the guy is her boyfriend" I said "Really?" They asked "Yeah, So Mia. Where did you put Alex last night?" I ask "He's in your old room" Mia said and I gave Luna to Sly "I'll go check on Alex" I said and went to Alex and when I reached my old room he was sitting on the bed "Hey Alex" I said and sat beside him "I'm sorry Jess" Alex said not looking at me "It wasn't your fault" I said "I was the only one that was supposed to get hurt, Not you" Alex said "It's life Alex, No one knows when they get hurt or when they don't" I said "But.." Alex said "I said this to myself before, No one can see the future. And if I knew that I would have left before Loki said so then I should have told everyone and left but I didn't so I just waited until Loki told me so and at that time I couldn't tell anyone that I left" I said "Everyone makes a mistake, We are not perfect" I said and Alex looked at me "But it was my--" Alex was cut off by me putting a finger on his mouth "Shh, You said enough. Stop blaming yourself" I said "Why couldn't I if--?" Alex asked but was cut off "I blamed everything on myself once and it won't get out until now, I blamed myself all these year's, When I left, When I was in Mystreet and until now I do but I kinda stopped because Sly said even if I keep blaming myself I can't change anything and same goes to everyone" I said and hugged Alex "Thank you" Alex said and I let go "Now let's go back" I said and we went back and I got Luna and I got my sword's just in case Mystreet came rushing in here and Mystreet ran in here but was stopped by the sword's to their necks "What. Do. You want this time?" I ask "We want to bring you back" Aaron said "For the last time, I won't go back. I live here" I said "But everyone misses you" Laurance said "Nope, Not after what happened" I said "C'mon Aph that was week's ago" Katelyn said "I live here and my family is here so I stay here" I said "But Aph you lived with us first" Dante said "Jess~Senpai lived here first and Kawaii~Chan think's she should stay here" KC said "Kawaii~Chan Aph was your first person that you shipped someone with" Garroth said "Kawaii~Chan is sorry but she doesn't ship anyone anymore" KC said "I'm giving you this last time to leave and I swear" I said and let them go "But we want you to come back" Travis said "Leave" I said "No" They said "Sly you can come if you want but I'll go somewhere" I said and went outside.
Sly's Pov
Everyone looked as Jess went outside "Sly go follow her" Jose said "And be careful, you know your own wife. She can hurt you even if you're her loved one" Alex said "Will do" I said and followed Jess and Jess seemed not to notice that I was there. We reached somewhere and she sat down and I was behind her "I know your there Sly" Jess said and I sat behind her and she lied down on my legs "Ugh, Why can't they not get that I want to stay here?" Jess asked "Other people are just like that" I said "I know that. Ugh!" Jess said.
Jess' Pov
While I was walking with Luna I knew that Sly was going to follow me, When we reached a nice place I sat down "I know your there Sly" I said and I was supposed to lie down on the ground but apperently Sly was there "Ugh, Why can't they get that I want to stay here?" I ask "Other people are just like that" Sly said "I know that. Ugh!" I said angrily "Jess, Calm down" Sly said and put his hand on my shoulder and soon I calmed down, I then place one hand on Sly's hand "You better?" Sly asked "I'm better but I'll stay a moment" I said and just stayed for a few minutes and I stood up "We should go" I said and we went back "Great, Your back" Pbat said "What's your choice Aphmau? Will you go back to mystreet?" Laurance asked "No" I said "But why?" Garroth asked "I live here" I said "Now leave" I said "No" Garroth said. After dealing with Mystreet Zane and Vylad were kind enough to take care of Luna for a while, while me and Sly walked and then I noticed we were walking back to where Sly proposed to me "So what are we doing here?" I ask and we walked in the gazebo. Sly turned quickly turned around and pinned me on the wall "I just wanted to have some also be time with my wife is all" Sly said "But-- right. Luna" I said "Everything's been hectic while we had Luna. She is a bundle of joy but my lovely needs her rest" Sly said and we sit down on a bench "Of course I do, but mothers need to fulfill their duty as a mother. So whatever it takes for the bundle of joy" I said "That's why us fathers are here too. To help you mothers get rest" Sly said "True" I said "Now, we have to go. Luna will be looking for mommy" Sly said "And be looking for papa" I said and we start walking "I am calling dibs on sleeping on your chest later" I said "I'm fine with that, unless Luna already did" Sly said.

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