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 Jordan turned off her phone and set it down on her desk in English, taking a few deep breaths as she did so

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Jordan turned off her phone and set it down on her desk in English, taking a few deep breaths as she did so. After the events at the Marcum home three days prior, no one was really sure of how to go about the rest of their little make-shift investigation. At this point the five were pretty sure their siblings had been murdered; there would be no other reason for the mysterious text messenger and brick thrower to be so invested in what they were doing.

They had left each other alone for the past two days. Friday night was usually a time for the sports captains to have their big games and the Mary Hadden's and Jordan Conrad's of the school to show off just how amazing their athletic boyfriends were. Yet this Friday—being the first Friday of the school year—wasn't home to any games, and thus Jordan knew that Mary's text was referring to something else.

Jordan's mind flashed back to the events of Tuesday night, and she felt her stomach tense at the memory. She had never thought of herself as possibly being in mortal danger until that moment, when she had watched a brick sail through the window of a lower-class home she was already worried to be in for...other reasons.


"Victoria knew." Michael read the writing from over Roland's shoulder, "As in your sister, Lindsey?"

Lindsey had looked like she'd seen a ghost as she backed up from Roland, shaking her head.

"That's completely insane. Victoria was super close with my mom; she would never have hid my dad having an affair from her."

"Unless she was being bribed. Or blackmailed." Mary commented from Roland's other side. "I've heard of stranger things."

"That may be true in your world of rich people and infidelity, but it doesn't happen in mine." Lindsey snapped, "I live a normal life with normal people and nothing strange happens to me."

"Except for your sister being murdered." Jordan spoke for the first time in a few minutes, her mind spinning and her eyes skimming over the note, trying to find some sort of giveaway as to who sent it.

"We haven't even decided if we think it's a murder or not."

The other four turned to stare at Lindsey in unison, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.

"What do you mean we haven't decided if we think it's a murder? Marcum, an unknown person just threw a brick through your window and has a photograph of your father making out with Roland's mother, which your older sister knew about and is now probably dead for. Explain to me how this could be anything but a murder."

The police sirens were almost too loud to hear anything over at that point, so Mary stopped in her rant against Lindsey as cop cars pulled up outside the Marcum residence. Roland stuffed the envelope and photograph in his back pocket as Jordan grabbed the note that had been attached to the brick, stuffing it into her bra before a knock sounded at the front door.

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