Chapter 73: The Fourth Diva

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"Stay away..." I stammered.

I felt relieved when Dean, Seth and Roman stood by me. The crowd started cheering.

"What a stand off this is," JBL said.

The four of us started going after the two Wyatts in the ring. I helped Roman with Harper as Seth and Dean went after Rowan.

My eyes widened when Harper blew Roman out of the way with a kick and turned to me. He lifted me over his head.

I started kicking my legs as I tried to get loose. My heart started pounding wildly. It was a long way down from up here to the floor at ring side.

Someone grabbed my boot and yanked me off. I looked over to see Seth taking it to Harper.

I ran over to try to help him as Del Rio entered from the number 27 spot.

I backed into a corner to try to catch my breath. Man this match can take a lot out of you.

Dean crawled over to me, "You OK?"

"Tired," I muttered as I watched to make sure that no one came after me.

Daniel Bryan chants started filling the arena.

"Tell them, WWE universe," I smirked at Dean.

Batista's music hit as he came running down the aisle. I went right after him, but got rammed with a clothesline. Batista started taking major control, eliminating Rowan, Ryback and Del Rio.

Big E ran down to the ring next.

Number 30 revealed the last man, Rey Mysterio. The crowd started booing, because Daniel wasn't in it.

Big E got eliminated, followed by Rey. I couldn't believe I had lasted this long.

Dean, Seth and I were able to get Harper over the rope, but not on the ground. Roman came in and blew him out with a superman punch.

I stumbled over to the guys as and was about to go ask who was next, but Dean moved out of the way before I could.

"Guys, wait! Look at this!" Jerry yelled as Dean ran forward and tried eliminating Roman.

Seth ran forward and pushed Dean, "What are you doing!"

"Dean," I said, shaking my head at him, "We're supposed to be working together!"

I jumped back in surprise when Cesaro tried to eliminate Dean and Seth well they were arguing. Roman ran over and dumped all three over.

"Reigns eliminates three more men!" Cole exclaimed.

"And two of them were his partners!" Jerry said in surprise as Dean and Seth stared at Reigns in shock.

My eyes widened as Roman slowly turned around to look at me, anger flaring in his eyes.

"Roman," I said slowly, "I didn't do any of that."

He took a step towards me. I backed off and ran over to the corner. Roman went after me, but was stopped when Batista came and slammed him to the ground with a spinebuster. Sheamus came in and hit him with a brogue kick. Punk hit Sheamus with a GTS and backed into the corner.

"Look out!" Cole exclaimed as Kane came from behind and tossed Punk over, causing more booing to erupt.

I watched as Kane chokeslammed Punk through the announce table. I slowly turned my attention back in the ring.

You are in the final four, let that sink in, I thought as Sheamus and Batista started to recover. I kept my eye warily on Roman.

"We are now down to the final four," Cole said, "One of these men will headline Wrestlemania."

"And women, Michael," Jerry said.

I waited for someone else to make the first move. Sheamus did, taking Roman down with a clothesline. I ran over and dropkicked Sheamus. Batista came from behind and set me up for a spinebuster, but I scrambled out and kicked Batista in the knee before DDTing him.

I slowly started picking Batista up. I pushed him to the ropes and tried lifting him over, but instead he lifted me over himself. I kept hold of the ropes.

I gasped in shock as Batista rammed his shoulder into me, causing me to fall off the apron. The crowd started booing.

"And Gabby has been eliminated," Cole said.

Damn it, I thought as I held my head, trying to catch my breath.

I looked up from ringside to see Sheamus get eliminated. Batista and Roman remained.


"Gabby!" Nikki ran over to me and hugged me, "You did so good!"

"Thanks," I muttered as I walked over to watch the rest on a TV. Brie joined the two of us.

"Come on, Roman," I muttered.

I jumped up when Roman hit Batista with a spear. The crowd started chanting for Roman Reigns.

Roman grabbed Batista and threw him at the ropes. Batista reversed it and threw Roman over.

"No!" I yelled as the crowd started booing once again.

"Poor Roman," Brie muttered as Roman gave a disappointed look.

"Should I wait to congratulate him?" I asked.

"Why wouldn't you?" Nikki asked.

"It looked like he wanted to kill me for a second out there, it wasn't my fault Dean tried to eliminate him," I said.

"Right," Brie nodded, "Why would Dean do that?"

I shook my head, "Romans a pretty big threat."

After a while, I spoke again, "I'll talk to them tomorrow," I walked off.

I tweet: 'Batista returns after one match and wins Rumble. #injustice'

I also tweet: 'Nice job, Big Man @wweromanreigns'

Mick Foley tweet: 'Does @wwe actually hate their own audience? I've never been so disgusted with a Pay Per View.'

Daniel Bryan tweet: 'Sorry guys, the machine wanted me no where near the Royal Rumble match. But I thank everyone for their support. YOU are the #yesmovement.'

Daniel also tweets: 'They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can't ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions #yesmovement.'
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