A person she dream introduce himself

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Tsuna felt calm and warm inside his hug.

'' Are you okay now? He have a relieve happy expression on his face having Tsuna inside his hug

'' I am okay thank you so much for help me'' Tsuna blushed deeply she raise her head and look up on his face

'' Onee chan are we're fine now'' Fuuta asked

He and Tsuna startled they forget there are kid near them and they release their hug immediately

'' Yeah said thank you to this onii chan'' Tsuna said

'' Thank you for you're help onii chan'' Fuuta bowed

'' Welcome'' He said

'' Little animal are this three you're sibling?'' He curious and asked

'' No, they from orphanage'' Tsuna answer

He nod the answer Tsuna given to him

'' Why I felt angry suddenly you're call me little animal and I have name now my name is Sawada Tsunayuki''

He chuckle '' Of course you're cute like animal''

'' I am not little animal !!'' Tsuna angry

'' But... Why I felt I know you?'' Tsuna tilt her head

He have sad expression on his face '' Look like you're really forget about me''

Tsuna felt suddenly sad when she look on his face '' Are we ever meet somewhere? '' Tsuna asked

'' Of course we meet when both of us still young and you're promise to meet me at playground'' He answer

'' Really....'' Tsuna asked

Tsuna try to recall if she ever meet him '' Hmmm''

'' I know!! you're look like the person I always dream everyday'' Tsuna said

He have sad expression again on his face when Tsuna said she remember only he the person she dream everyday

'' I am really sorry if my word hurt you're feeling'' Tsuna apologize

'' If then I will introduce myself '' My name is Kyoya Hibari''

'' Hi..ba..ri'' Tsuna try to recall her memory

Kyoya waited if she remember him

Tsuna have a bit piece of memory '' Is that you Hibari?''

He have a happy expression on his face that Tsuna remember him name

'' At last you're remember me'' Kyoya relieve so much

'' I am sorry kid can onee chan and onii chan have chit chat for awhile'' Kyoya asked and turn his face to Fuuta

'' I will play with my little sister and little brother here'' Fuuta said

'' Thank you'' Kyoya said

'' Tsuna let seat on this swing first'' Kyoya asked

Tsuna seat on swing on right side and Kyoya seat on his left side

'' Little animal are you're okay now?''

'' Hibari I am not little animal please call me Tsuna''

'' I will never budge on this I will call you little animal as always'' Kyoya love to saw Tsuna reactions

'' I am okay Hibari''

'' Little animal we childhood friend I would like you're call my first name Kyoya''

'' Nope'' Tsuna stuck on her tongue

'' Please call me Kyoya~'' Kyoya repeat many time

'' Okay Kyoya'' Tsuna give up

'' Thank you little animal''

'' One more question little animal''

'' What is it Kyoya?'' Tsuna asked

'' I search you this whole country but not found you , now I found you here, Did you parent transfer here because of work?'' Kyoya said and asked a question

Tsuna felt headache suddenly when Kyoya said the word parent and stand up

'' Kyoya I felt dizzy''

'' Are you okay?'' Kyoya fastly stand up has he worried about Tsuna

Tsuna vision become blurred and faint

Kyoya quickly snatch her before she faint on ground

'' Little animal'' He call her name many time


See you next time > <

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