- Jamiya the Boss 

It's July 14, 2012 and the couples have arrived at the house. I can sense the animostiy amongst each and every person. The frowns on their faces amuse me , but oh well. It's all for the better. Did I mention that the house is wired with cameras and microphones so I could watch and hear what goes on... No, I'm not a peeping tom... It might get violent in the house.

(Deanna's POV)

I walk into this house and it's pretty decent. Nope, I'm lying. THIS HOUSE IS BANGIN'! It's better than the tiny one bedroom apartment I live in. Alone. I haven't lived with anybody since the whole thing with Ray happened. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it. I walked through the living room, through the den, past the kitchen, and up the stairs to a room that had me and Ray's name on it. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? I stomped my way in the room and saw that there was ONE bed. Not TWO... But ONE! Now what is going on.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" I said and picked up a note that was left on one of the bedside dressers. I looked at it and scanned my eyes over it. When did this get here?

"Get the grim look off your face and suck it up. You brought yourself here by not fixing things with Ray. Now I would tell you to thank me now, but I'd rather have you thank me later"

I threw the note down and stomped on it. I swear if I catch the person that made me come here , they ass is getting kicked! They must want Rayon to get hurt because there is no way in hell I'm sleep in the same room, let along, the same BED as this pigtail wearin' nigga. Nah, it ain't happening. I turned my back and began to unpack when a piece of paper fell on top of my clothes. What the fuck?

"You can't sleep anywhere else expect this room and this bed."

I rolled my eyes and put my clothes and things into the place where they're supposed to go. After I finished I decided to roam the house when I ran into someone. I didn't know anybody else was here except me and I got startled and punched the person in the jaw.

"OW! What the fuck kid!" Whoever it was and first noticed the mohawk. I got up off the floor and brushed myself off. I looked at this boy or man, and grabbed his arm. "No! Don't touch me , Kung Fu Panda."

"Watch yourself. Nobody told you to be a silent residence in here. I say you deserved it." I told him and turned to go through the other rooms. They were all like my room but different. I looked at the name on the door too.

Chresanto and Jazmyn 

Fatou and Craig 

Asia and Jacob

"What's your name, kid?" I asked as we walked down stairs, I hear a car pull up and mutliple doors open. Then without hesitation, the car drove off down the street, and I'm pretty sure it left tire tracks.

"Don't say shit to me, Trey!"

"Girl, ain't nobody worryin' about you! Aight?"

"I swear it bettter be more than 4 room is this house."

"Stop being a bitch."

"Lick ass!"

Whoa. I thought I had a potty mouth. I looked at the door as six other people walked into. Three boys and three girls. I could tell they had to be 20 years old or older, but they acted as if they were 10 and 11 years old. They all stood there with one suitcase and a small bag. Then he came from behind them and stood there staring at me. My blood boiled at a million degrees as a stupid grin covered his face.

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