#15.5 Fiery Obsessions

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Chapter 15.5:

When their kiss finally ended, Sasha was panting heavily. Her skin felt tight all over her body and her heart was racing a thousand miles a minute.

“Join us.” Sasha whispered against his lips before she slid her arms down from his neck so she could take one of his hands in hers. She crawled backwards and pulled him along with her to where the other two watched them. Colby paused before they could reach the two men and Sasha threw him a confused look but Marius seemed to understand exactly what was wrong.

“Come to us, Colby.” He said as he sat upright and held out his hand invitingly. Lincon, who had moved behind Marius when he had shifted positions, gave Colby a small smile of encouragement over Marius’s shoulder when he hesitantly took the offered hand.

Marius quickly jerked him forward and a small sound of surprise came from the back of Colby’s throat when he smacked into Marius’s chest but it quickly turned into a needy groan as Marius covered his lips with his own. His arms went around the more dominant man’s waist as Marius threaded his hands into Colby’s blond curls so that he could control the kiss more easily. Lincon, who never liked to be left out, pressed himself against Marius’s back so that he could suck at the sensitive part behind the other man’s ear. He also brought his arms around Marius’s trim waist so that he could dip his hands into Colby’s slacks.

A growl and a groan were exchanged between the two men as Lincon’s clever mouth and hand worked over their flesh just the way they liked it.

Colby shuddered when his balls painfully drew up, all too ready to release the seed that spilled from the slit of his d!ck as he fought not to come. The orgasm he had been suppressing since the night before fought against his control and it took everything he had left not to spill in his pants when Lincon pumped his large hand over his swollen d!ck. His mouth moved hungrily against Marius’s, their tongues dueled fiercely as Colby fed him all the desperation and need which were burning in his gut.

He was given but a moment of respite from it all when Lincon let go of him long enough to push his slacks down his waist. He sucked in a deep breath as he ripped his mouth away from Marius so that he could push the slacks down the rest of his body.

“Hold.” Marius said as Colby moved to continue the kiss but he did as Marius commanded. His breath fell in    heavy pants from his lips and his chest rose and fell rapidly while he stared into Marius’s silver eyes.  

“Yes, Sir?” Lincon asked as he rubbed his cheek against Marius’s shoulder, his eyes heavy lidded.

“I think Colby could use the help of that talented mouth of yours.” He said in a low voice that had shivers going up the men’s spine, but Sasha’s as well.

Her lips parted and her heart pounded excitedly as she watched a wide grin spread over Lincon’s face just before he unwrapped himself from around Marius.

“With pleasure, Sir.” He said and crawled over to Colby’s tattooed body.

Sasha watched, completely enthralled by the show, as Lincon kissed Colby with soft, almost chaste press of the lips while he pushed the other man’s shoulders down. Only when Colby was completely spread out did Lincon move his way, one clever lick at a time down his body, just the way Sasha would have loved to have done … if she hadn’t been so turned on by the sight of the men pleasing one another.

Her core throbbed frantically every time Lincon paused to nibble at a part of Colby’s tattoos and anticipation made her gut twist with every inch Lincon moved closer to Colby’s d!ck. Her eyes carefully watched the way he scratched the inside of Colby’s thighs before he cupped the other mans balls in his hands. Whatever he did then had Colby’s back arch  off the bed as his hips thrust forward and allowed the meaty length of Colby’s arousal to slip into his waiting mouth. A collective groan went throughout the room and Sasha couldn’t resist slipping her one hand between her legs, through her sopping curls, to run a finger through her slit. Her hips jerked as she found her cl!t and she matched the pace of her fingers to the rhythm of Lincon’s head moving over Colby’s shaft.