#15.5 Fiery Obsessions

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Chapter 15.5:

When their kiss finally ended, Sasha was panting heavily. Her skin felt tight all over her body and her heart was racing a thousand miles a minute.

“Join us.” Sasha whispered against his lips before she slid her arms down from his neck so she could take one of his hands in hers. She crawled backwards and pulled him along with her to where the other two watched them. Colby paused before they could reach the two men and Sasha threw him a confused look but Marius seemed to understand exactly what was wrong.

“Come to us, Colby.” He said as he sat upright and held out his hand invitingly. Lincon, who had moved behind Marius when he had shifted positions, gave Colby a small smile of encouragement over Marius’s shoulder when he hesitantly took the offered hand.

Marius quickly jerked him forward and a small sound of surprise came from the back of Colby’s throat when he smacked into Marius’s chest but it quickly turned into a needy groan as Marius covered his lips with his own. His arms went around the more dominant man’s waist as Marius threaded his hands into Colby’s blond curls so that he could control the kiss more easily. Lincon, who never liked to be left out, pressed himself against Marius’s back so that he could suck at the sensitive part behind the other man’s ear. He also brought his arms around Marius’s trim waist so that he could dip his hands into Colby’s slacks.

A growl and a groan were exchanged between the two men as Lincon’s clever mouth and hand worked over their flesh just the way they liked it.

Colby shuddered when his balls painfully drew up, all too ready to release the seed that spilled from the slit of his d!ck as he fought not to come. The orgasm he had been suppressing since the night before fought against his control and it took everything he had left not to spill in his pants when Lincon pumped his large hand over his swollen d!ck. His mouth moved hungrily against Marius’s, their tongues dueled fiercely as Colby fed him all the desperation and need which were burning in his gut.

He was given but a moment of respite from it all when Lincon let go of him long enough to push his slacks down his waist. He sucked in a deep breath as he ripped his mouth away from Marius so that he could push the slacks down the rest of his body.

“Hold.” Marius said as Colby moved to continue the kiss but he did as Marius commanded. His breath fell in    heavy pants from his lips and his chest rose and fell rapidly while he stared into Marius’s silver eyes.  

“Yes, Sir?” Lincon asked as he rubbed his cheek against Marius’s shoulder, his eyes heavy lidded.

“I think Colby could use the help of that talented mouth of yours.” He said in a low voice that had shivers going up the men’s spine, but Sasha’s as well.

Her lips parted and her heart pounded excitedly as she watched a wide grin spread over Lincon’s face just before he unwrapped himself from around Marius.

“With pleasure, Sir.” He said and crawled over to Colby’s tattooed body.

Sasha watched, completely enthralled by the show, as Lincon kissed Colby with soft, almost chaste press of the lips while he pushed the other man’s shoulders down. Only when Colby was completely spread out did Lincon move his way, one clever lick at a time down his body, just the way Sasha would have loved to have done … if she hadn’t been so turned on by the sight of the men pleasing one another.

Her core throbbed frantically every time Lincon paused to nibble at a part of Colby’s tattoos and anticipation made her gut twist with every inch Lincon moved closer to Colby’s d!ck. Her eyes carefully watched the way he scratched the inside of Colby’s thighs before he cupped the other mans balls in his hands. Whatever he did then had Colby’s back arch  off the bed as his hips thrust forward and allowed the meaty length of Colby’s arousal to slip into his waiting mouth. A collective groan went throughout the room and Sasha couldn’t resist slipping her one hand between her legs, through her sopping curls, to run a finger through her slit. Her hips jerked as she found her cl!t and she matched the pace of her fingers to the rhythm of Lincon’s head moving over Colby’s shaft.

Wet desire soaked her fingers and she spread her legs wider when Colby grabbed a hold of Lincon’s head with a guttural groan just before he started to thrust his hips up. Every time Lincon would suck Colby’s d!ck, Sasha would bite her lip to keep herself from groaning right along Colby.

The steady pace quickly stroked her orgasm to the fore again but Marius’s hand on her wrist stopped her from pushing herself too far into the realm of pleasure.

“No Pet,” Marius chided her softly, “the only time you will come is when I say you do and that will only be when you are riding Colby while Lincon takes this exquisite ass of yours.”

Sasha’s breath caught at Marius’s words and her pu$$y quivered excitedly, especially when Marius slid two fingers through her curls before he lifted the soaking digits to his mouth. His eyes never left hers as he slowly licked the cream off with slow, long flicks of his tongue that had her imagining just what it would feel like to have him do that to her.

Fuck …

“Sir …” Sasha panted and reached for him with the hand he wasn’t holding but one look from Marius had her freezing.

With a satisfied nod, Marius let her go before he turned back to the two men.

Sasha watched with a bated breath as she waited to see what he was going to do as he stopped inches away from the groaning, arching and thrusting Colby whose heavy groans caused goosebumps to erupt all along Sasha’s body. Her nails dug into her skin when Marius cupped the side of Colby’s face and turned him towards his large, protruding c0ck. A hiss whistled through Marius’s clenched teeth as Colby eagerly latched onto his swollen flesh and Sasha fought not to let her fingers slide between her thighs when she saw how easily he took that large … thing. Like he’d done it a million and one times before and will do so again.

Hopefully in the near future.

With Sasha nearby.

Instead, Sasha’s hungry green eyes travelled from one muscular form to another because never had she ever thought that she would be lucky enough to see three men, all deliciously built and manly, pleasuring   one another. The taut lines of their muscles as they fought not to come, the sound of their lips sucking one another off and the groans of utter male pleasure had Sasha more turned on than she had ever been in her life.

None of her fantasies have ever been so naughty and she knew that, when she finally got out of this bed, she was going to write her diary full of sexy ideas.

That is if she ever got out of this bed, Sasha thought when Marius’s silver eyes locked with hers and held out a hand.

Like a puppet to it’s master, Sasha was helpless to keep her body from moving towards him. Her hand slid into his and she automatically followed his direction as he guided her to straddle Colby’s chest, her knees cupped just under his armpits. When Marius released her hand, Sasha curled into his chest and lifted her face for a kiss. Her breath hitched just as their lips touched because Colby’s hands ran up her legs in a rough caress to cup her ass. He must have liked how she felt because suddenly he was groaning under her and around Marius’s d!ck which made the dominant man growl deep in his throat.

Colby’s one hand slid to the front of her body and Sasha moaned as his fingers slid through her curls so that he could find her swollen cl!t. Her nails dug into Marius’s shoulders and she eagerly pulled him closer to her so that his chest hairs brushed against her sensitive nipples.

The hand which wasn’t wrapped in Colby’s blond locks threaded into Sasha’s red strands so that Marius could cup the back of her head. He tilted her head more to the side so that he could deepen the kiss which made her toes curl into the silken covers just as someone -Lincon- moved in behind her. His legs framed hers and his body curved around her as he locked his mouth on the line of her neck that Marius had exposed.

Desire and pleasure burned through Sasha but it burst into an inferno when Colby’s one hand slid between her legs so that he could separate the folds of her wet sex. Seconds later his mouth was on her, sucking her so hard that Sasha ripped her mouth away from Marius so that she could cry out. It was a sound that had Colby making guttural sounds of male satisfaction as he pressed his face more into the cup of her thighs, like he wanted to get closer to her.

Marius, unable to resist the allure of her tight buds anymore, lowered his head to suck her pink nipples into his mouth. There was nothing soft or gentle about it and it made Sasha sob as pleasure consumed her. Her nails left long, red lines over Marius’s back as the sensations of his mouth on her nipples, of Lincon’s mouth on her neck and Colby exploring her sex crashed together in her womb and her pu$$y pulsed almost painfully. All this pushed her orgasm right onto the precipice and Sasha knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold it back much longer.

“Sir -Oh, God- Sir..... please.” Sasha begged.


Desperation and desire made her voice so husky that she barely even recognized it.

“Yes, Pet?” Marius asked against her nipple, the brush of his breath against the wet bud caused a shiver of desire to move through her and she unconsciously pressed closer to him.

To Colby.

To Lincon.

FUCK! She needed all of them right now. She needed them to show her exactly what they’ve been promising her all these months. She needed them to take away the ache of desire burning through her and fuck it, they needed to do it now.

“I ache, Sir. I ache so bad to feel you inside me.” Her lips brushed against the shell of his ear as she moaned the words against the side of his face.

“We can’t have that, can we Pet?” Marius asked in that oh-so-delicious tone of his and a gush of cream seeped from her body and onto Colby’s waiting tongue. His groan of appreciation travelled all the way up her spine and Sasha shuddered violently between Lincon and Marius as the man between her legs became more fierce in his exploration.

He took every drop her body offered him.

Sasha barely heard Marius tell Lincon to do something as she desperately tried to hold her orgasm at bay but she couldn’t keep herself from grinding her pu$$y harder into Colby’s face. She even pressed her chest into Marius’s mouth, silently begging for more as he made turns to twist her nipples just right and scrape his teeth over her sensitive flesh. She did, however, notice when Lincon moved away from her but when she reached out to bring him back, Colby distracted her.

He pushed at her hips so that she couldn’t do anything but move down his body which, much to her disappointment, moved her nipples out of Marius’s mouth’s reach. She didn’t complain though as Colby’s calloused hands quickly covered the large globes of her breast and pinched the aching buds between his fingers.

“That’s it, Kitten. Let me hear what we do to you. Let me hear how much you want my d!ck inside that sweet, hot pu$$y of yours.” Colby said to her when the brush of his d!ck against her slick slit made her cry out. “Can you feel me inside you? Can you feel my d!ck moving inside you, pounding into you so that you can feel every stroke all the way up to your throat?”

“Fuck!” Sasha cried as she imagined, felt exactly that and let her hands curl into the hard plane of his tattooed stomach.

When his d!ck pressed against her cl!t Sasha fell forward arched her back and shifted her hips so that she could take him inside. A hard tug at her hair stopped her though and made Sasha realize that Marius still held her hair.

“Not yet.” He warned her when she raised her face to his and a soft whimper crawled out the back of her throat. This became a low moan as Colby pressed his hands at the centre of her back to force her chest to his face.

When he latched onto her nipples with his mouth, Sasha fisted the sheets under her hands and arched her body with needy desire.

Something brushed against her lips and without even thinking about it, Sasha opened her mouth to accept Marius’s d!ck. She moaned as the salty yet musky taste of him exploded along her tastebuds and she eagerly sucked more of him into her mouth and completely ignored the strain it put on her jaw to do so.

Marius must have known how difficult it was for her to be doing what she was and kept the thrust of his hips slow and painstakingly careful. His free hand brushed against the side of her jaw in a gentle caress that seemed so out of place for a man like him but before Sasha could muddle her way through the desire knotting through her body to identify why, Lincon returned.

His body curled around Sasha’s and his one hand immediately dipped between her legs. His fingers instantly became drenched with her cream as he explored her slit alongside Colby’s now soaked d!ck.

“Do it.” She heard Marius say but she was too far gone, too deep in the pleasure bestowed upon her to even care what he was talking about. It became clear a second later, however, when Colby gripped the globes of her ass so that he could open her to Lincon.

“Has anyone ever taken you in the ass, Pet?” Marius asked as Lincon spread something cold and wet around her puckered hole just before one of his fingers slowly pushed inside her.

Sasha let go of him with a soft ‘pop’ and pressed her face to his stomach before she nodded.

“A long time ago, Sir.” Sasha answered him and gasped softly when Lincon pressed another finger into her. He tested and stretched her so that it would be easier for her to accept him.

“I thought as much but don’t worry. Lincon will take good care of you. Won’t you?”

“Oh, yes.” Lincon all but purred into her neck and Sasha shivered. “I’ll take very good care of you, Sweetheart.”

Sasha wasn’t given a chance to reply as Colby suddenly started pressing into her and a moan was forced from her as the thick head of his d!ck slid into her. When she rose up to her knees to look down at his face, Sasha met hazel eyes filled with wild, burning desire that had her heart racing even harder as something similar rose up from her womb.

“Not as good as I’ll look after you.” Colby promised in a low voice as he continued to slowly push into her. He was ignoring the thrust of her hips as she tried to take him all at once.

“Oh, God.”

“Not yet, but I can be for you.”

The outrageousness of his words along with the wink of pure mischievousness had Sasha choking out a laugh that Lincon quickly changed to a gasp as he replaced his fingers with his d!ck.

“Don’t move.” Marius warned Sasha as he slid his hand from her hair and moved away, out of her sight, and Sasha was too focussed on the two d!cks filling her to even care to see where he was going.

The sensation of the two of them filling her, stretching her had Sasha moaning and gasping as she pulled at the sheets. Her body shuddered as she fought to stay still and not thrust onto them and every cell became alive with need. Dirty, desperate need to feel the two men inside her and fucking her like they couldn’t get enough of her.

Finally both men were inside her as deep as they could go and all three of them let out a shaky breath.

“Very good, Pets.” Marius praised somewhere behind them, “Sasha, are you doing alright?”

“Yessssss.” Was all Sasha could manage through clenched teeth.

“Good, very good. Lincon, are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir.” Lincon said into Sasha’s ear as he bent over her, his arms framed hers as he pushed her closer to Colby who stared up into Sasha’s eyes with a look that promised heaven three times over.

Then, suddenly, both men started moving and Sasha eyes literally crossed as she felt them withdrawing from her body. All thought became lost to her as pleasure surged to an almost painful point but she didn’t care. Not when they started pushing back into her in measured thrusts which had all three of them moaning in pleasure.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good, Kitten. So hot and wet, your pu$$y is pulling me in even deeper.” Colby told her in a deep rumble that made her even more wet than she already was.

All Sasha was able to do was gasp in answer to his words.

“You’re perfect.” Lincon whispered softly for her ears alone just as he thrust into her again, so that she was forced down Colby’s hard length. A rhythm that they easily fell into so that Sasha felt as if she was stuck in a sensual dance between the two men.

Suddenly Lincon grunted and pressed his face into the curve of Sasha’s neck, his breaths coming in short pants as a sudden weight pushed them both down harder onto Colby. It caused the swollen nub of Sasha’s cl!t to rub against Colby’s pubic bone and made her hips jerk in response.

“Holy- Don’t do that Kitten or else this is going to be over much too soon.” Colby told her as he gripped her hips to keep her from moving like that again.

Sasha nodded and after a brief pause they started moving again but something was different this time. Their rhythm seemed to have taken on a different flavour and it was only as their pace started to become faster, harder that Sasha finally realized that the reason was connected to why Lincon let out grunts of pleasure against her neck.

Marius had joined them.

Sasha’s inner walls clenched around the men inside her as she could clearly see Marius thrusting into Lincon, who then thrust into her and forced her onto Colby. Both of them groaned and Colby cursed softly just before desire, passion and pleasure erupted between the four of them and forced them into a frenzy of pure want.

Cries, screams, grunts and groans filled the room and Sasha completely drowned in the heat of the three men surrounding as she raked her nails down Colby’s chest and pulled Lincon’s face further into the curve of her neck.

Then Marius’s voice came just as Sasha thought she might die of pleasure and when he groaned a harsh “Come!” her orgasm came crashing down on her. Wave after wave forced her into a continuous stream of release until her throat became raw from her screams. Her body shuddered and shook as Colby’s and Lincon’s seed spilled deep inside her body.

What seemed like hours later, Sasha finally became aware of her surroundings and she found that she could definitely get used to being in the middle of a Hunkateer sandwich every morning.

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