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A Chris Motionless Imagine

Word Count: 2,113

Warnings: smut, language

You were now walking to your friend Balz' oddities shop. You lived close by, so you went there quite often. Balz had invited you over earlier in the day. He told you that he and Chris were hanging out and that you were welcome to join them. You happily accepted his offer, since you were always up to hanging out with them.

Balz and Chris were both long time friends of yours. You had met Balz when you two were in middle school, meeting Chris not long afterwards. The three of you had lots of similar interests and hobbies. You got along well too. However, you had one m problem.

A couple of years ago you started to get feelings for Chris. But that was not the problem. The problem was that Chris seemed to see you as more of a sister than a possible girlfriend. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if you weren't falling for him, but you were. You were falling for him big-time. You had already tried a couple of times to get Chris to maybe see you in a different way, but all attempts failed.

Today you were feeling a bit impulsive, so maybe you could finally figure something out. You eventually came across the sidewalk that lead you to Balz' shop. You turned and there it was, just around the corner. You looked inside of the front windows. Balz and Chris were standing with their backs to the entrance, talking to each other.

You fixed you half white, half black hair and smoothed out your fluffy skirt. Then you opened the shop door and walked inside. The sound of the door bell caught Balz and Chris' attention. They turned around, smiling at you. Chris waved, greeting you.

"Hi Lina!"

"Hey!" You reply to Chris.

"Hey Coffin Cutie." Balz says, calling you one of your nicknames.

You chuckle, then say hi to him.

"What are you guys up to today?" You ask.

"Well, until Chris came I was setting up some new taxidermy items that we're now selling." Balz tells you.

"Cool. What about you, Chris?"

"Not much, I just plan on hanging out with you guys. I was gonna write music, but I don't feel too creative today." Chris says.

"Sounds awesome. Hopefully you'll feel more creative tomorrow." You reply, smiling at Chris.

Chris smiles back at you, making your heart beat faster. His smile was so amazing and you loved to see it.

"Hopefully." Chris says.

The three of you made conversation for a while. You talked about music, your current life events and other small talk. After a while Chris had to go use the restroom. You and Balz were left alone. You wondered if you should tell Balz about how you felt about Chris.

You knew that Chris would be back shortly, so you hurried and made an impulsive decision. A decision to tell Balz how you felt. Maybe Balz will help me out, you thought.

"Balz, can I tell you a secret?" You ask.

"Um, sure." Balz replies.

"Well....I kind of maybe have feelings for him." You say quickly.

"Wait what? For who? Chris?" Balz says with the same speed.

"Yes..." You reply, slightly nervous of what he would think.

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