"You will always be a good girl." It felt like she was mocking her now.

"If caring about my family and friends make me a good girl that I am a good girl. Don't use it as a derogatory term." She retorted.

"Follow me. Take a bath and have some food then I decide if I want to help you or not."

Killian sighed as if they cleared a barrier.


The several eyes on them were bothersome and uncomfortable. Trisha squirmed as people whispered around them. They were people actually living in a cave and she didn't know what path they came through because she was blindfolded.

She was bathed and well fed now. The injuries on her legs and arms were taken care off. She felt like sleeping now but they still needed to beg for help.

"They are amazed," Sage whispered.

"At us?" Trisha asked.

"At you," Killian answered.

"Why me?"

"Because every one of them is outcast but no one broadcasted it," Sage added with a hint of pride in his tone.

"No actually because no one here is like you. No one is unmatched."

Both Trisha and Sage stopped at Killian's words.

"What is that suppose to mean? Aren't they what you call as Brandeds?" Sage asked.

Sage has only heard rumors about them but had it not been for Killian they would have never found this place.

"And you said you will help me get to Brandeds and yet you are as clueless as I am or were you trying to deceive me again." 

Before an argument could break Killian added, "These the people who were scared to be found out by the government for falling in loving with someone who is not their DNA match."

"But they should have come forward if they are a group, people and government must have seen the flaw in the system they are trying to build." Trisha gave a naive opinion.

Both the boys just shook their heads at her innocent process.

"Let's introduce you to others." Alice came walking towards them taking large steps as if she was in a hurry.

This time she was followed by a little girl with same green eyes but wine color hair. She was barely more than six and her tiny fingers clutched tightly to Alice's jeans. She looked at the three new people with fear.

Then Trisha gave her a big smile excited to see the cute little girl.

Little girl's eyes widened and then she finally gave back a small child.

"She is my daughter, Rebecca." Alice introduced.

All three of them nodded and followed Alice quietly not asking any more questions.

And then came the moment of surprise as the cave ended and they were almost in a mini-civilization built inside the mountains with little gaps in the ceiling from where sunlight streamed in.

There was a pathway with a room built on either side. And while it might look like just mountain covered area to an outside, once you get inside its almost a small city in.

Whispers followed them around as they entered a big hall at the end of the pathway on either side if which two more pathways were made.

It was like a conference hall and Alice gestured them to sit on the chairs while she sat down on the head chair. Trisha's eyes followed the ceiling over them which was painted with graffiti of cartoons, flowers, and colorful things she might have just seen in imagination.

The place was lighted up and it made her wonder where the light was coming from. She wanted to just take a paint brush and some art pieces to the still barren walls.

"So where should we start staying?" Sage asked and it surprised all of the people present except Rebecca who was now tugging at Sage's arm like she chose him as her playing partner. 

"Who said you are staying? Letting you three stay will be dangerous for us. There is nothing your father wouldn't do to find you Killian and I could assume the same for you, Sage. While Trisha here have local authorities and God knows how many people after her confession video." Alice made it clear.

"But what will happen if you let us go and we tell about this little sanctuary of yours. " Sage asked sweetly.

Both Trisha and Killian winced at his direction of the conversation.

Alicia just smiled though," You were blindfolded when you came, you have no idea where you are."

"True. But then your daughter will be the only unmatched since Trisha will be killed as soon as she steps out in the world." Sage said casually.

"What do you mean?" Alice's tone hardened and her eyes wavered.

Sage smiled a conniving smile, "I have never seen a child without the hospital mark, Alice."

Rebecca was another one who was not forced to match a DNA. She was a normal kid.

"When she grows up will you keep her hidden in this locality of hundred people with no freedom." Sage was testing waters now.

Alice sighed as if she was defeated by his words, "What do you suggest?"

"Let's infiltrate the government. Let's do a rebellion."

"With just a few hundreds. The government will kill us like bugs." Alice said in an offended tone, "We have been living here in peace for a long time now and we don't want to mess it because some headstrong youth come knocking at our doors."

"Fine. I agree if you want to continue in this little Euphoria of yours. But let me assure you it will not last." Sage got up as if to make a point to leave.

"Killian can stay here," Alice said weakly feeling guilty for leaving two kids on their own.

Trisha got up not even fighting back to stay since she can't be selfish to put these people in danger.

"I will not stay, I leave with them." Killian clearly stated.

"But your friend doesn't want to hide forever." She pointed at Sage.

"And I agree with him. Rebecca will always be an outcast, all of you will always be an outcast." Killian shockingly agreed with Sage.

"Then let's put the governments against each other. While on fears love other is making DNA to strengthen love." Sage offered the idea.

And a smile creeping on Alice's face confirmed that she liked the idea.

And a smile creeping on Alice's face confirmed that she liked the idea

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