16. Brandeds

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Trisha was never athletic and at that moment she wished she was as her legs burned with all the running. Her throat was dry and gasped for breath as she made way through the maze-like mountain area. She could hear footsteps behind her but she blindly trusted the two boys running slightly ahead of her.

Her eyes water due to exhaustion taking over her body. But she couldn't afford to stop or fall because that would mean being caught and eventually die. 

A few days ago she was a normal girl going to school, a top grade art student and rule following girl. Killian was successful not only corrupting her but also messing up her life. And now he confessed of loving her. Never again will she trust a boy and his words.

As much as she hated the DNA match rule, she was not sure she wanted the choice of love at that moment.

Suddenly she heard gunshots and that made her already weak leg give away and she fell down scraping her knee in the process.

Both the boys stopped and hurried to her.

Wincing in pain she got pain and almost begged with her eyes she wanted to rest a bit.

But before anyone of them could do anything more gunshots and they were surrounded.

Sage and Killian covered Trisha like a shield and she felt her heart melting at their gesture.

"Killian, it's good to see you here." A woman's voice surprised all of them as she walked in like owned the whole damn mountains.

"Alice." He said in a surprised tone.

"Yes, I am the leader now." She said like she was amused.

"These are my friends." He introduced while Trisha and Sage looked outright shocked.

The men surrounding them retreated.

After killing the people following them looked completely at ease.

Trisha noticed the kind of way Alice was dressed in, tattered black jeans and dirty white top two sizes big for her. But her face was glowing as if she was happy or satisfied. Everything from her curly auburn hair to her forest green eyes said rebellion.

"Are your friends in need of refuge Killian?" She asked as if Killian has brought someone else for refuge earlier.

She walked closer and scrutinized Trisha carefully. From upclose, Trisha saw the fine lines of wrinkles on her face and white hair peeping from her locks. She was in her late thirties or early forties.

"Ah! the one who remains unmatched." She must have seen the viral video of Trisha because she recognized her.

"Who is he?" She asked now her interest shifting to Sage.

"Another unmatched."

"Really?" She frowned looking closely.

"But his father is famous for his brutal ways."

"Step-father." He spat out the words realizing he shouldn't have shared this right then.

"I need a good reason why I should help either of you or even you Killian. Last time you came here your dad almost found us." Only Killian didn't know what kind of man his father was.

"Is everyone here unmatched?" Trisha asked in a small voice.

Alice looked at her with a small smile now.

"A good girl then." She came to a conclusion.

"Even after what I did?" She asked trying to act brave.

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