XXXVI : Colorful

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l a s t   c h a p t e r


The rest of the world was black and white,
But we were in screaming colors.


Your pov

   "It's done."

   I heard her voice, it sounded relieved, and when I looked up and pushed my brother back to a safe distance from the edge, Nora Wellington stood there at the edge of the building, high above ground, looking at her feet.

   "My job is done." She said blankly as she leaned back and let herself fall off the tower.

   I watched her, shocked, angry and sulking. She really did commit suicide, her life goal really was just taking his life.

   I didn't let the thought of her bother me as I fell onto my knees and dropped the gun on the ground. Peter was also on his knees, hands over his bloody left chest, breathing heavily.

   "Peter..." I crawled over to him. He couldn't breathe, like his throat was locked shut. I then realized that it was blood blocking his breathing.

   I reached him just in time and took him in my arms. More drops of silent tears rolled down my face and no words were able to explain my feelings.

   I shot him.

   He's dying because of me.

   Peter closed his eyes like it hurts just to breathe or move. He opened it once again to look at me.

   "I'm sorry." He said.

   "What are you even talking about-- this is-- all on me-- I shot--" I struggled to speak, but he shushed me by smiling sadly.

   "Never.. blame this on yourself. If you love me, never do it." As he begged, he reached his shaking hand to my cheeks. "I'm sorry for leaving you, again. I'm so sorry."

   "Don't talk like that, you called for backup , they'll be here soon, and you'll be fine." I told him, giving myself some hope.

   "There's a bullet in my heart. If I were a normal human, I would be dead right now, so just listen to me." He said, he stared into my eyes. "I'm not gonna make it."

   "Don't-- please, don't--"

   "You know... That day that I woke up from the coma, I felt nothing and I was so tired. I just wanted everything to end. Tony told me to hold on to something, but I had nothing, until I saw you." He smiled, then coughed up more blood.


   "And I wanted you to be happy, I wanted you to be safe. So I'm so, so sorry for every time that I was willing to die or give away my life for you, including now."

   "You did nothing wrong... We don't deserve this. We deserve years and years together. You'll be the king and I'll be right next to you as your queen." My tears wouldn't stop flowing, and I let it drop.

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