Chapter 2: Opportunity

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Get, get married?

Ding Meng was immediately stupefied. The fake boyfriend plan was something she had only recently thought up after getting fed up with frustration. Unexpectedly, there was an even braver person out there – to directly think of a fake marriage!

She looked at Qiao Yichen asking, "Are you talking the kinds of marriages where you find a counterfeiter to make a fake marriage certificate?"

Qiao Yichen paused for a bit before saying, "No of course not, my mom would definitely see through a fake one."

Ding Meng frowned. "Then you're suggesting we actually get married? What about after we marry? After the crisis passes, wouldn't we have to divorce? Then wouldn't I become a divorcee?"

Qiao Yichen thought for a bit. Although he didn't mind, it would be rather unfavorable for girls. His spur of the moment suggestion really was spoken too carelessly. "I spoke without thinking. Don't take it seriously."

"Mm." Ding Meng nodded her head. Forget it. She decided to go with her original plan and find her chuan chuan friend Xiao Zhuo zi to pretend to be her boyfriend. Even though Xiao Zhuo zi wasn't as good looking as Qiao Yichen, at least his price was fair. With just one meal of chuan chuan, he would gladly take on the male leading role.

T/N: Chuan chuan is a type of hot pot where a lot of stuff is boiled on sticks.

Ding Meng thought up to that point and decided she couldn't stay still anymore. "Well in any case, I still have some matters to attend to. I'll be leaving first. Let's talk again in the future."

Qiao Yichen looked at her and laughed. "Do you have a way to contact me?"

Ding Meng blinked. "Does the number on the classmate registry still work?"

Qiao Yichen lowered his head and chuckled. He took out his phone and exchanged phone numbers with her. Afterwards, he asked, "Where are you going? I can give you a ride."

Ding Meng waved her hands as he spoke. "No need. My house is far from here. I'll just ride the bus back." Today she had traveled across half the city to arrive at this "eastern" coffee shop.

Qiao Yichen didn't persist. After sending Ding Meng out, he drove off in the direction of his work.

Halfway there, his mom called him and forced him to return home. He sighed. He knew his blind date must have gone and reported him to her majesty the queen.

Just as expected, when he got home, Mama Qiao was standing at the doorway waiting to punish him.

"Qiao Goudan, what good deeds have you been up to again today!"

Qiao Yichen locked his car and twirled the keys in his hand, skillfully slipping them into his pant pocket. "According to the good role model Lei Feng, doing good deeds is to be expected. You don't need to make such a fuss about nothing."

T/N: Lei Feng was a soldier and posterboy of altruism and communist virtues. Read wiki .

Mama Qiao almost exploded in anger because of him. "Miss Pang was crying on the phone, telling me..."

"Fairy tales are all a lie?"

T/N: Haha such a sarcastic male lead. He's quoting the chorus of this really popular song by Guang Liang called Tong Hua (Fairy tale). Check it out . The MV is pretty sad stuff.

"....telling me that you said her singing sounded like duck quacks!"

Qiao Yichen stared at her in astonishment. "She said it to you like that?"

Mama Qiao put on a fake smile. "Did she falsely accuse you?"

Qiao Yichen responded, "I clearly said that even duck quacks sound better than her singing."

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