Chapter 2

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The jet takes off and everyone starts to unbuckle their seat belt. Everyone is having their own private conversations. Katiana and Moe are dancing like crazy in the back

*Prodigy and Aliyah

Prodigy- Are your friends always this crazy 

Aliyah- Only when they are bored

Prodigy- Sooo....

Aliyah- yup...

Prodigy- Are you excited to go to new york??

Aliyah- I'm excited to go anywhere... i've never been out of state

Prodigy- Really???

Aliyah- Yeah

Prodigy- well when we land i'll take you to all the major spots.

Aliyah- I'd love that... Thanks

*Ray and Nychelle

Nychelle- how could i not... I've had a big cru... *Madison, Jolesha, and Miland walk to ray and Nychelle cutting Nychelle off*

Madison- hey Ray, Keshia wants you... *Ray excuses him self and walks away* i Love how you broads walk into our territory and not introduce your self..

Jolesha- Yeah who are you??

Nychelle- First of all you and your two bit crew need to learn some manners... My name is Nychelle now will you excuse me i have better things to then to talk to hating broads... thank you *turns around*

Madison- no she didn't just dismiss me

*Katiana and Moe

Katiana- i see some drama over there i'll be back

Moe- okk


Prodigy excuses him self from Aliyah and walks over to Prince

Prodigy- hey, prince whats up?

Prince- *sad look on his face* I'm such an idiot

Prodigy- No you aren't you were just nervous

Prince- i said she had nice posture... i said Posture... not nice smile... pretty eyes but Posture

Prodigy- *looks over at Moe sitting by herself playing temple run on her ipod touch* the seat next to her is empty why don't you go sit next to her and tell her what you truly think of her.. this time don't choke

Prince- *smiles* alright

*Prince walks over to Moe... Prodigy goes back to Aliyah

*Katiana, Madison, Jolesha, Miland, and Nychelle

Katiana- Is there a problem here

Madison- Yea there is.. me and my girls don't appreciate the fact that you guys come on to our tour and not even introduce your selves then take the attention of the boys away from us

Katiana- Last time i checked this is Mindless behaviors tour not your... Second if the boys liked you they wouldn't have been focused on the girls... so yall need to go sit yall wanna be ghetto ass down before i show you what Ghetto looks like... ok??? *smirks*

Madison and Miland walks away Jolesha Tuns around and says..

Jolesha- This ain't ova you stupid bitch

Nychelle- Count on it

Katiana- Can you believe those trifling girls

Nychelle- yeah thanks for having my back

Katiana- any time your my gurl i got your back anytime

*Madison walks back to her seat and notices prince isn't there

Madison- Where is he???

Miland- Over there with miss Temple run *Madison is officially pissed

Madison- We have to get rid of them

Miland- You sound like Jolesha now.. you guys are seriously scaring me

*Prince and Moe

Prince- hi *says nervously*

Moe- Oh hi.. are you back to compliment my posture??? Let me sit up straight then

Prince- *laughs awkwardly* Yea sorry about that.. i just get nervous around really beautiful girls

Moe- But your around pretty girls all the time.. your famous remember

Prince- Yeah but there is something about the way you smile and the way you look at me that have me in a nervous confused trance

Moe- *laughs* Your cute

Prince- thanks... and your beautiful. When we land me and the boys usually go to the movies or out to eat do you wanna come???

Moe- What about my girls???

Prince- We can all go

Moe- okk *smiles* Now was that hard

*Roc and Steph

Roc- ....she is really pretty and that i would love to take her out *pulls away* That's only if i like the girl

Steph- *looks at Roc like really...Kinda disappointed. Thinks: i guess that's not me.. for a moment i thought he liked me... i'm an idiot someone like him could never like me* So how is like on tour?

Roc- It's great... You get kinda nervous at first then once you hit the stage you forget about that.

Steph- Oh okk kool... *turns around with a sad look on her face*

Roc- By the way do you wanna go out when we land?

Steph- Really?? *turns around happily*

Roc- yeah me and the guys usually go out after me land.. so you and your girls can come with us

Steph- Oh as a group thing *says disappointingly*

Roc- Then after maybe me and your beautiful self can go out somewhere.. *smiles*

Steph- *Turns around happily* I'd love too... you were playing me this entire time weren't you??

Roc- *laughs* yeah its funny how you went from happy to sad

Steph- *Hits him in the chest and ends up hurting her hand* owww *laughs*

Roc- Chest of steal *laughs* let me look at it *kisses her hand* better??

Steph- *Smile* Better *stare in to each others eyes*

Katiana walks back to her seat to find Prince sitting in her seat... she then looks around and notices all her girls are having fun flirting with their crushes but her... suddenly she feel lonely and walks to the bathroom... when she walks out of the bathroom she sees Jolesha, Madison, and Miland surrounding her

Jolesha- We have a proposition for you


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