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I was laying in my bed staring at the ceiling while waiting for Jasper, it felt like each minute was an hour. Once it got around 1 AM I started to think Jasper wasn't going to come, so I got up and went to close the window right when I saw a figure jump up to it.

I screamed and fell back on my ass as the figure came in from the window and helped me up. I looked up and met Jasper's gold eyes before sitting on the bed.

Jasper sat about a foot to the left of me on the bed, he looked up and met my solemn gaze. Alice was right, he looked like a mess and I'm sure I looked the same.

"Clo-" He started looking up at me from the bedsheets.

"Don't talk." I interrupted before standing up and going in front of him, I grabbed his hands in my own kneeling in front of him while he sat on the bed.

"..Jasper a lot happened while you were gone. And I think we both know we can't live without each other, so let's talk another day but tonight you are not leaving this room." I stated putting my arms around him and my legs across his lap after I got up from my kneeling position.

Once Jasper realized that I had him in my embrace his hands pulled themselves around my waist as his head nuzzled itself in my neck.

We just sat there for awhile his head in my hair and my fingers running through his.

"Missed you. Missed you so much." He mumbled into my hair, his voice cracking slightly before he lent back with me still on his lap and we fell onto the bed.

He turned over and pulled my body completely on top of him, so my head was resting on his chest and his cold fingers ran through my hair.

All of a sudden another wave of emotion hit me, remembering everything I felt. When he was gone I was like a broken record, trying to keep going but evendently being worthless.

I started to cry lightly but that eventually turned into full out sobs. I sat up and tucked my head into my knees as my breathing picked up.

I felt like I was choking and I knew Jasper was trying to use his gift to calm me down but it went right through me, my hands flew to my chest trying to even out my breathing.

"I-I can't br-breath." I choked out through my hiccups and sobs trying to grab some air.

He grabbed my head pulling my head to look at him, he started to stroke my hair down and pulled my whole body into his.

"Breath.. in.. out." He stated repeating s free times till my breathes were less shallow and more even. After I could almost breath again the only thing left was small tears seeping out of the corners of my eyes and hiccups, as my head layed against his chest.

"..if I ever leave you again, I'll give you my own personal permission to kill me." He chuckled out looking down at me, I didn't laugh I was staring at my hand that clenched his blue shirt.

"Clove? I never will ever stop loving you." Jasper stated softly his hand running up and down my back.

"I need you to know that I will do anything for you, you are the most important person in the world to me. You are my life." Jasper finished his hands locking under my arms as my mine were around his neck, my head resting on his shoulder.

After a few minutes I let go but his arms stayed around my back, I scooted down and rested my head on his bicep as we layed on our sides.

"Jasper Whitlock if you ever leave me again I will not forgive you." I stated seriously looking up at him.

"I won't, I know that I hurt you more by being away from you, I won't let that happen again." He responded holding my chin to look him in the eye.

We layed there for around three hours, his arms never letting me go but eventually I sat up and pulled the comforter over us.

"We aren't going to school tomorrow." I exclaimed snuggling my head into his neck as I layed half on top of him, the comforter made me feel hot but with Jasper being ice cold it felt perfect.

"I should call Carlisle." Jasper responded trying to sit up and reach for his phone.

"You are not moving." I demanded pushing his chest back onto the bed.

"Alright ma'am." He smirked falling back, his smirk turned into a small smile as his hand came up to my cheek.

"Have I told you that you're beautiful?" He asked looking at me with complete amazment.

"Stop it." I stated hitting my hand down on his chest lightly.

"I'm serious darlin." He responded pulling my face to look at him, my head was above his as I stared into his golden iris's.

I stared at them for awhile and wondered something.

"What color were your eyes?" I wondered looking down at them.

"They were green." He responded smiling at me, his hands moving from my face to my back.

"They must have been beautiful." I stated as my head leaned down closer to his.

His face came up and caught my lips in his own, it felt amazing like something had been found. Like I could smile and know it was real.

Jaspers hands rised up to the back of my head, our lips moving in perfect sync. This kiss was different, less heated and rushed but more slow and passionate.

My hands ran up his back and into his honey blonde hair just running my fingers through it.

Jasper broke the kiss and layed his head in the crook of my neck, just resting there. He rolled over, putting me on top of him again and his hands wrapped around me.

"..I still love you." I exclaimed his hands going under my shirt and rubbing over my bare back.

He looked down at me with as a small smile tugged on his lips.

"I love you too darlin."

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