So...she's pretty?

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"That was so fun!" I say excitedly. Jace and I were in the benches.
"Yeah," He says.
"I wanna do it again!" I say excitedly.
"Easy there Champ," He says sitting down next to me. "And don't think I forgive you about breaking me and Kaelie up.." he says.
"Kaelie and I," I correct him grammatically. He glares at me. "Sorry..I'll try to fix it.." i say.
"What's the point? I'm a chick remember?" He asks. "God, what am I gonna do? The dance is next Friday..." he says.
"Yes, this is a disaster" I say.
"What did we do before this?" He asks.
"We fought.."
"We fight all the time" he says.
"Not always" he raises an eyebrow.
"We were in the front of that weird Mexican dude.."
"That's the one" he says.
"The ancient god of sorcery.." I say. We then look at each other.
"No," we both say.

We were now back in the museum. They closed in five minutes so we had to be quick. We stand in front of the statue.
"Go first,"
"No! You go first you have the biggest mouth" I say.
"Hi," we both say at the same time.
"How are you?" Clary asks.
"That's all you can say?! He's a god not an old friend!" I say.
"Listen, you might've got the impression that me and this adorable boy don't get along well, but, let me just tell you that that couldn't be farther from the truth." She says.
"She's right, sometimes we fight...but all friends wouldn't be logical that there would be anyone who didn't appreciate Clary, she's organized...very organized, she's.........capable, very capable.....and she's pretty,especially when she does that thing with her nose when she's thinking..." I shake my head. Wow! Where did that come from? I guess Clary was thinking the same thing because she snapped her head at me. "We're really tight.." I say.
"Yeah," Clary says taking over. "We're really good friends"
"The best!" I say as I put my arm around Clary's shoulders. "Like siblings!"
"Until the end!" She says.
"Don't overdo it," I mumble.
"Fine" she mumbles back. "So! Now that everything is cleared up, we can switch here's what we'll do..we'll close our eyes, we count to three and when we open them, we'll be in our own body.." she says. "If that's ok with you, because I'm sure that this is all a big misunderstanding,of which we'll laugh at looking back," Clary explains.
"Now.." I say. We both close our eyes.
"1...."We both count. "2...." We Wait. "3..." We open our eyes. I look next to me and see my body. Dammit!

We are now in an enchilada shop eating, well, enchiladas. "Maybe he speaks another language.." Jace says.
"Want me to go give him the rest of my enchilada?" I ask. "I really wanted to go to Yale.." I say as tears cloud my eyes.
"No! Please don't cry! You think I want to end up working in my dad's shop?!" He asks.
"I don't care!" I say. Someone comes in. Jace gasps and taps me roughly on my arm.
"Wait,Wait,Wait! You punched nick..." he says. I look behind me and see Nick with a purple eye.
"So?" I ask.
"What do you mean so?! It means that you have my strength....I just need to teach you how to use it.." He says.
"This is it....and we can study so you can pass my interview!" I say.
"Wait what?!" Jace asks.

So now we're practicing. Every chance we get. She can't even throw the ball into the bin, thats what we're practicing. We try some catching and she starts to get it. Then we try tackling and she does better at that. Then I accidentally hit her face. Which is ok because that's my technically I just hit myself. But I still said I was sorry. I keep explaining to her how the game works, she just nods along as she starts to get it.
We were in my room, and she was reading poetry. "I must compare it like a summers day," she keeps reciting the poem as I try to understand them.
"So...he's telling her that she isn't like a summers day, but like she's hot, hot like a summers day?" I ask.
"Yes, exactly like that!" Clary says.
"Yeah well, I still can't imagine myself saying this crap to some girl, it would be so...weird."
"Maybe you just have to find the right girl to say it to.." she says.
"Or maybe I just don't want to look like an idiot," I say. "She probably dumped him and never spoke to him again." I say as I lie down on my bed. "Maybe She was beautiful," I say.
"Actually, Shakespeare wrote it for a guy," she says. I sit up.
"Shakespeare was gay?" I ask.
"No one really knows.." she says. I scoff.
"He writes a guy a poem about how hot he is and you still don't exactly know?! What would he have to do to prove it? Write it out in big bold letters?" I ask.
"Well, that's enough for today..." Clary says smiling.
"A gay poet...who'd of thought?" I ask. "Anyways, i gotta Go," I say and climb out the window. I was hanging there before Clary stops me.
"You know....i was wrong...your parents are nice after you get used to her language," she says.
"Yeah, mom's nice," i say.

I bite my lip. Screw it! "Jace...can I ask you something?" I ask. He turns to me.
"Sure," He says.
" the morning.." I stop as I feel heat go to my cheeks. "You know what, forget it.." I say.
"What is it? Go on.." he says.
"It's a little embarrassing..." i say. "But...I'm the morning...your uh, your thing it uh... you know.." I say. He shakes his head in confusion.
"What?" He asks.
"This..." i say looking down. "Every morning.." I trail off as I see the gears turn.
"Oh! You're talking about my old friend...god I miss him,"
"Yes, you surely do you get rid of it?" I ask.
"The only way I know.." Jace says and motions his hands in an up and down form as he clicks his tongue.
"Jace! That's gross! There has to be another way...right?" I ask. He sighs.
"Well, there is one way...but I only use it in emergencies... it just lets all the air know?"he asks. I nod, signaling him to go on. "Ok, so first...I close my eyes...then I think about turn off so it just....disappears, always works," he says simply.
"Goodnight.." i say.
"Bye," He says. I sigh as I go back inside the room. Why does my heart sting after Jace told me that? Why does that effect me?

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