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The day is very beautiful...its a shame every teenager around the neighborhood has to go to school.

Including, of course Katsuki.

Izuku just got himself out of the hospital and now he was required to go to school instead of hanging out with his boyfriend; which is...obviously, more important.

Katsuki groaned in an annoyed manner.

After he opened the door,- ready to get to school- his heart brightened up at the sight of green green hair and eyes that seemed to stare his inner being. Those eyes glimmered as soon as it spotted the blonde teenager.

"Ka-chan!" He yelled in excitement before throwing himself before the taller teen.

A warm hug engulfed Katsuki in a comfortable manner that made his heart flutter in its own cage. He didn't know how much he missed Izuku until he is now within his reach.

Katsuki grasped the shorter teen on the back. Afraid that he might break him with too much force, although; he really wanted to squeeze Izuku into a deadly hug.

"Deku..." He whispered, closing his eyes for a several second.

Making sure that he isn't dreaming.

"Let's head to class, shall we?" He asked.

Izuku hesitated to let go, but he did just for the sake of lying low in public.

"Okay" he beamed, walking besides him.

They walked in complete silence. Each of them taking in the comfort between them. Contented of each other's company.

Katsuki didn't ask as to why Izuku had decided to come to school early. He didn't ask if he was fine or if he needed any more rest. He didn't ask if he missed him as much as he did.

He didn't ask if he loved him just as much as before.

Katsuki didn't. Because he knew that these questions is irrelevant and useless. For he knew that answers himself.


No one expected this.

No one expected for Izuku to come back, here...


Almost everyone in school kind of rejoiced silently in relief when they found out that Izuku is alive and well. Walking besides Katsuki just like before.

Of course they knew how their relationship worked. No one actually disagreed or maybe, the others were just scared of Katsuki.

For some reason, now that Izuku came back home. The whole school seemed to sigh a breath of relief.


There are three reasons:

One, Katsuki is brewing up trouble, almost everywhere in campus when Izuku isn't there to tame him. Not only in campus but also outside. Also, the fact that he isn't motivated in playing basketball without his boyfriend to cheer him up.

Two; his influence amongst people. Izuku tented to help, motivate and smile at almost everyone he had met. He is indeed, very naïve at times but his kindness is something that could reach the heart.

And lastly; he is the school president. With the most votes of sixty percent of the whole school, he won by default. He didn't anticipate that his name would be brought out during elections by his friends; also, he didn't anticipate to win neither. Its a shock.

And so, Izuku; nicknamed 'The Naïve President' is back at school.


"OMG! Midoriya!" The so familiar loud voice of Uraraka echoed through the halls where Katsuki and Izuku strode.

"H-Hi" Izuku waved back shyly.

With a very loud squeal coming from the cheerleader, she ran towards her friend in a speed of lightning. Tackling him gently in a bear hug.

The bubbly girl pecked the green haired teen on both cheeks.

"I missed you so much!" She cried.

Katsuki merely rolled his eyes on the scene. He pried the brunet off his boyfriend.

"Enough of this ball head, let's get going"

Uraraka pouted at the mean comment, but she didn't talk back. Instead, she sneaked a hand on Izuku's and held his hand. The green head looked at her in surprise in which Uraraka responded with a beam.

Izuku described the action...foreign.

Despite knowing that he was always doing this before; he found holding hands very strange and alien.

As if...he was disgusted.

Izuku shook the lingering thought away and smiled back, squeezing his friend's hand...tighter.


The police chief stared at the photos that are presented on top of his office table.

Each photo contained a scene back at the basement of the hospital where they recovered Izuku Midoriya. Some of it presented the splattered blood that can only describe by the word: gory. Blood and guts.

Even the police chief that had seen so many of death can't comprehend the scene he saw back at the abandoned hospital. It just looked surreal. Straight out from a horror book.

"I had doubts about that boy" the famous investigator who took up the case pointed at a certain photo.

A photo that showed the nape of one of the kidnappers. A very thin line, barely seen, was etched on his nape.

"This photo reveals that the kidnappers had died; not because of the fire, but because of a person, a human" Investigator Nakamura continued.

The chief looked at the person standing in front of him. His gaze shifting towards the photos and the investigator.

"I know what you mean Sir. Nakamura. But that kid..." The chief shook his head. "I've known him for years. It can't be that he...could kill in such a delicate and deadly manner. Or would. He won't do such thing"

The investigator glared at the photos, his lips set in a straight line.

"If someone other than Midoriya had killed them. Who?"

The chief shrugged. "We will try to move another investigation team about that" he said.

"Then, I'm going to keep an eye on Midoriya. I don't trust the doctors that checked him"


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