Strange Roadtrip

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Niall- 16
Liam- 19
Louis- 20
Harry- 18
Zayn- 19

Requested by: larrybieberdreams ! I hope you enjoy this!

"Are we finally ready to go now?" Louis asked impatiently from the passenger seat where he was scrolling through his phone, instead of helping his mates pack everything they needed. The five were going on a road trip around England to escape from their fans for a little bit. They had been going non-stop for months now, and they all needed a little break. Especially Niall, who was only sixteen.

"Maybe if you would actually help us we could leave sooner!" Harry exclaimed from his place at the boot, where he rolled his eyes as he hauled a tent into the truck.
"Hey, I made the food for the ride," Louis said defensively.
"Yeah, but how well?" Harry fired back with a raised brow.
"Excuse me, Curly?!" Louis turned around with an 'angry' expression, but no one could miss the light smile tugging on his face.

"Okay you two, I don't want to have to deal with this for the next week or so," Liam groaned. "Is everyone ready?" He asked, looking around to see that Zayn had also joined them, and he and Harry were piling into the car.

"Wait for me!" He heard an Irish accent call out. He turned around and saw Niall running towards the car; headphones, snacks, and his little Nintendo game in his hand. Liam chuckled.

"Has everyone gone to the bathroom? Are we all set?" Liam asked once more once everyone was buckled in. Harry had been assigned the roll of Navigator. They were going completely old-school, and used maps and atlases. That left Niall, Zayn and Louis in the back.
"Yes," Liam heard four people say. "You're all set, Ni?" He asked just to make sure. The boy had a small bladder, so Liam wanted to make sure they wouldn't have to make a stop a half hour into the ride.

"Liii!" Niall whined, hating it when his bandmates asked him things like this.
"Sorry, bub, but I don't want to stop half an hour into the ride for a bathroom."
"M'fine, Li," Niall mumbled, already engrossed in his Nintendo game. Liam sighed, but nonetheless started the engine as the gang started their road trip.

Indeed he was fine...for the first hour or so. They were all having fun, singing along to songs at full blast, and laughing and telling jokes. Even Liam, who was usually an uptight person, was having fun.
"Hey, Liam?" Niall asked. He knew it was embarrassing, but he needed to use the bathroom. He had tried to hold it, but he now knew that if he didn't go soon, he would have an accident.
"Yes, Niall?" The brown haired man replied.
"I...have to use the toilet," Niall said sheepishly, his face feeling red.
"Niall, we just started driving. Also, we're in a rural area. Please hold it," Liam groaned internally, but he knew that he needed to be patient with the boy.

Another half hour later, Niall asked again, now really needing to go.
"Sorry, Niall. It shouldn't be too long now," Louis said, as Liam was very concentrated now. Then, the car stopped, and Liam swore under his breath. They had hit traffic. It seemed that there was a car accident, and a bad one at that. Uh-oh.

"Why'd we stop?" Zayn asked.
"I think there was a car accident, so a bunch of cars are backed up. Niall, I think you might have to wee in the car. I think we have some empty plastic water bottles in here or something. . ." Liam thought aloud. Niall's blue eyes widened.
"No, no! Liam, I'm fine. I can hold it," Niall told him desperately, but that fact that his legs were crossed and his hands were dangerously close to his crotch made the others think otherwise.
"It's okay, Niall. You know we won't judge you. You don't want to have an accident though, do you?" Harry said this time. Niall sighed.
"Can't I just go outside in the woods or something,"
"We're the middle lane, bud. Sorry. Here's a plastic water bottle, just go in there," Liam said, handing him an empty one.

"No!" Niall exclaimed stubbornly.
"Buddy, it's going to be okay. Please cooperate," Louis asked, trying not to lose his temper.
"Please don't make me," The young lad asked, tears springing his eyes.
"We're not making you, Ni, but we don't want an accident,"

Niall sighed deeply, knowing that he was going to lose this battle whether he liked it or not. Slowly, he uncrossed his legs and started to unzip his trousers. However, as he was doing so, he wet himself a little, and that's when he started crying lightly as he unzipped his pants all the way.
"What's wrong?!" Zayn asked, but when he looked at the boy's boxers, he saw the problem. "Oh, Ni. It's okay. Once we're moving again we'll find you a restroom and you can clean up and change into another pair of boxers, yeah?" Zayn tried to soothe as the crying boy slid down his boxers, becoming even more embarrassed.

"I-I can't do it!" The blond exclaimed after a few minutes of trying to go.
"Yes you can, Ni. Just relax and let go," Louis and calmly, feeling a bit awkward.

It took a bit more convincing and tears before Niall finally went. It was awkward to say the least, but they were soon driving again. All the boys comforted him when he was finished since he was still a bit teary from the small accident, making sure to hug him and reassure him everything was okay. Even though Niall could be a bit hard to reason with at times, the boys loved him.

Author's Notes-

Not the best in my opinion, all well! I'm wondering if I should change this to just One Direction One Shots, since I'll probably do some more of just the fluff one shots or maybe even some imagines. What do you guys think?

Also, updates for this book might take a little longer because I'm co-writing a book and I've really been enjoying that.

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