chapter three

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"Ex-excuse-ugh- EXCUSE ME!" I shouted as I pushed through the crowd as I tried to get back to the front of the stage area.

I went the the bar area to get myself a water due to me being in a hot ass basement with no windows, half ass fans running, and over grown men crowding up the place. I was here all alone and I was legit fearing for my life. That shows you how much often I go to the "hood". When I go out, I go to the suburbs. The smell of liquor, weed and cigarette was giving me the biggest headache. My clothes are going to be reeking in these toxic smells. Great! My parents are going to know that I didn't go to a school event Like I said I was. The shelter was literally one of the dirtiest places I have ever been in my life and I live on the east side of Detroit, that's saying a lot.

I'm confused as to why I put myself in so much danger to hear this boy that I barely even know rap. Maybe my mom was right, I did like him. Stephanie, what the hell are you thinking? You barely know this boy. It haven't even been long enough for you to develop feelings for him. Maybe love at first sight? Bullshit Stephanie! That is a bunch of bullshit and you know it. But please explain to me why I'm in his hot ass basement waiting for him to rap? Because you're a supportive friend. Friend? You JUST met him.

My thought were interrupted when a dread head guy came up to the stage and screaming erupted the small room.

"The motherfucking moment you all been waiting for! The battle of the year! EM and Lewd Dawg! Oh Shit!"

The entire crowd began to go crazy when Marshall and the other guys got onto the stage.

My heart began to race and my first reaction was to scream.


"So how did I do? Did I do bad? Did I stumble on a word?" Marshall asked me.

I took a long slip of my coke and leaned my head on the window.

"Come on Steph, tell me the truth, I can take the criticism."

The battle was about 45 minutes ago and we were at a coney island that wasn't that far from my school. It was a popular spot for my peers to hang out at after school and events.

I popped a fry into my mouth, "I mean, you were 'ight I guess. You had a few punch lies here and there."

He smacked his lips and let out a lite chuckle, "You know you're a bad liar right? I saw you vibing each time I was spiting girl, don't try to play me.

Okay so he was right. He is a really god rapper! He's better than half of these rappers that's getting played on the radio right now. His flow is perfected, his lyricism is amazing, he's witty. He's the definition of a real rapper.

I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh,"You know I hate you right?" I let out a lite laugh, "You're really good Marshie, like better than good. Better than these guys they play on WJLB. You have real fucking potential. With the right people behind you, you could go really far man."

He sat back in his seat and sighed, "Steph, I told you, I'm not going to get anywhere far due to me being a white kid from 8 Mile. It's nice and all that you believe in me this much but you're wasting your time. I'm just going to be a battle rapper for the rest of my life if I do continue this rap shit."

"Well as long as were friends, you're going to be a big rapper because I'm going to help you. I can see it Marshall. I believe in you and your talent. If I didn't I wouldn't be saying any of this. And it take a lot for me to be nice to people so you should feel honored."

We both laughed, "You are such a fool." Marshall said.

"So he called you Em? Is that your rap name? What does it mean?"

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