Chapter 2

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As I was contemplating how stupid my death was, think about it, usually when people are sent to reincarnate, they go out with a bang, literally.

My mind was kind of fuzzy, and also crowded by the many worries of somebody reading my diary with my deepest darkest secrets, for example, actually liking my fake boyfriend.

And imagine death by choking while near your crush. Totally embarrassing!

I bet I looked fugly, pardon my language.

In my oblivious state of derailing from the actual pressing matter, like my death, darkness suddenly turned into light as I vaguely heard the following baffling conversation that made me question the reason of my new-found existence.

' Why? Why did I have to birth a child!?'

A woman started sobbing and it was disturbing thinking that she was my mother.

' Now get a hold of your self! In your line of work it isn't even surprising! It would be a matter of time not a matter of why!'

A man's disgust resounded in his response.

That disgust was redirected at me as I slowly opened my eyes and took a glance at the sharp gaze inflicted upon my very being. The woman had a wild beauty as her pink eyes glistened in hatred and her pinkish light purple hair was slightly unkempt.

Although bothered by her unhealthy feelings for a newborn child, her beauty had stunned me silly. From the conversation I think I got what kind of business she's into, and it doesn't surprise me of the cold reception. Life is unfair like that.

' You should name her! I need to report the birth to the city lord for the documents. You should receive them of course, not tax exempted!'

The man was impatient to leave, while the last remark certainly ticked off my mother who announced my name unceremoniously.

' Ann, a bastard child doesn't need a last name!'

Her tone was stingy, but her eyes were mysteriously showing sorrow.

That was unexpected.

What suprised me was that after the man left, which I only found by hearing the door close, my mother collapsed in pain and huffed tiredly while her breathing steadied only after a couple of minutes.

Poor woman, she probably has no one in this world to take care of her.

She turned to look with moistened eyes at me after finally calming down.

That lifeless gaze terrified me, but although what happened till now could be considered an ordeal, I haven't cried at all.

Maybe that caused the woman to focus at me questioning and led her to poke my cheek lightly as if to see if I would respond. I blinked and thought that this situation is ridiculously amusing.

The young woman probably doesn't know a thing about raising a child, and her action was, from my point of view, cute.

As she desperately tried to take care of me these few months of my new life, made me question if she just looks like a villain and when it comes to something involving me, she can't help but lose her cold demeanor and look just plainly silly.

The small cramped room that was furnished with only a narrow bed enough to fit a person, was strangely enough as long as I had my mom there to be with me.

She was away for quite a good part of the day, which should make her a bad mother, but I just can't get to hate her for that as it is the only way for her to survive. Well, it is alright since it's me and I can manage for a period of time.

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