Chapter Thirty Three - Shadows Fall

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"Hello, Kennet," Jav smiled at his old friend.

Detained in the prisoner rooms, the only thing standing between him and Kennet was a tangerine hue glass wall. The tiny square cell was spacious enough to fit a ground bed. Kennet's suit was ripped, dirt and blood still staining it. He hadn't had much sleep, telling by his baggy eyes and hunched body frame. Jav wanted to frown at this, but didn't. The bed in there was plush enough to get some sleep. Kennet had grown weak. He should have gotten his rest.

"What the hell Jav," Kennet scuffed, his strength regaining. Kennet jumped from his bed, almost running into the wall.

"You betrayed your own father, and now me, not even our history can save you." Jav's words spit of fury, eyes darkening, his hands clenching to fists. He felt it. Boiling heat engulfed inside him. Breathing deeply he tried his best to detain it, avoid it even. How could Kennet not see what he had done?

"You know why I did it."

"You cannot change who you are Kennet. The traits you have are hammered into your every being. No matter how hard you resist, it will always be there," Jav glared at him. Just like any human, Kennet wanted to be free of the traits he'd been born with. Only the humankind from Earth possesses a combination of all traits, and that was dangerous. If they mix their blood with others outside of Earth, humankind as they know it would shift. With so much control of one's emotions, feelings, can lead to treacherous judgements. He thought Kennet was better than that.

"It isn't like that for Ava. She has all traits. She could be the key to fixing all of this," Kennet moved closer to the wall that separated them. Even if he wanted to smash the glass he couldn't. Electrified currents within the glass would shock him if he touched it. Kennet of course knew this, he designed it.

Jav analyzed his words. If Kennet was telling the truth then Ava could very well be the first human to possess all traits, outside of Earth. This would complicate things further. No wonder Lead Commander Zaloy wanted to hunt her down. If he knew of this, his father will soon enough. "There's nothing to fix. I have more important matters for her," Jav raised an eyebrow.

"You've always a selfish bastard, haven't you?"

To this, he laughed, shaking his head. He stepped closer to the glass. He disregarded the comment. Kennet knew the truth, no need to reassure him of what he already knew. "When I asked if you knew of her whereabouts you lied to me. I knew you mislead me then, so I tracked you. And now, I have found her, so—I guess I should be thanking you rather than hating you, but you know I don't forget those who have betrayed me."

"We are the oldest of friends Jav. Can you really kill me and not care?"

"It's been two years, a lot has changed." Jav's voice was cold, cutting.

"What is your interest in Ava anyways?"

"It's none of your concern, not anymore," he clenched his teeth, furrowing his eyebrows. Slowly, Jav grinned. "You have been playing both sides of the war," he asserted, placing his hands in his pockets. His fingers fidget carefully on the device in his pocket. He didn't want to use it on Kennet, but he would if he must.

"What do you have planned for her? Tell me!" he yelled, slamming his hand on the wall, the voltages sending shocks through his entire arm. His gaze swelled to concern for her, still after the pain.

"Grown to care for her have you?"

Kennet was silent, but his emotions weren't. He cared for her, but not a lusting desire. Did he see her as a sister, a friend? That was the only options, for his love for Hollie still burned. It cringes him almost at sensing this emotion. Love.

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