Part 4

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*Kayla's POV*
I felt stupid. Rose, Trina, Josie, Megan, Ashley, Kennedi, Nick, Aaron, Billy and Jay came outside. "Kayla honey, are you alright?" Nick asked. I was looking down at the ground. "I'll be fine" I sobbed and cleared away my tears. "Is this about Zak?" Jay asked. "No Jay, she's upset because they keep changing the clothes at the shopping centre" Kennedi said sarcastically to Jay. Jay frowned. Trina and Rose sat beside me to comfort me. Everyone was trying to get my Mind off this whole Zak and Christine thing all together. "Come on Kayla, we don't want to see you upset, besides when I'm upset, I just think about Big Steppin while farting" Aaron said. I couldn't help it but I started laughing at Aaron's comment. "See, there's our little Angel's beautiful smile" Nick said. I smiled at everyone.

Christine and Zak came out. "See you tomorrow night" Christine said kissing Zak and walked away. She started walking like a model. What did she expect Zak do? Drool all over for her? Go chase her and having here say "oh chase me! Chase me!". That caught our attention when she said "see you tomorrow night". "What did she mean by that?" Aaron asked annoyed. "Christine is coming on the lockdown with us" Zak said. We all started bursting out laughing. Zak was serious. We all stopped laughing. "Please tell us your joking" Megan asked. "Nope, not joking" Zak said. "Well that ruins the fun" Nick said. Zak sighed. "Come on guys, give her a chance" Zak said. "Zak, if she insults any of us tomorrow night and if Jesus Christ appears and asks us to sacrifice someone, she's going!" Josie said pointing in the direction of the way Christine walked in. The way Josie said that was so funny but we couldn't laugh because this was a serious matter. "Come on guys, she's nice" Zak said. "I could vomit just by looking at her" I said rolling my eyes. Everyone looked very angry now since Christine will be with us. "Guys, she's coming with us rather you like it or not" Zak said folding his arms. "And I'm going home, peace out!" I yelled at them and giving them the peace sign. "No Kayla, please stay" Zak begged. I looked at him. "Why Zak? Because you will be lonely? Just like I am" I said and then walking away.

The girls and I finally got home. Kennedi was staying with Billy and Ashley, Megan and Josie were sleeping over. I wasn't in the mood to do anything tonight. "I'm really sorry about today, but don't worry, I bet this lockdown will be awesome" Rose said. "Yeah, hopefully, but there is something I have to tell you" I said. "What is it Kayla?" Rose asked. I took a deep breath and let it out. "After the Lockdown, I'm thinking of moving to New York so I can live closer to dad" I said. Rose's jaw dropped. Will moving away make life better?

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