Chapter 26

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-Eridan P.O.V-

Maybe you shouldn't have been so harsh with Sol, it wasn't his fault someone took your brother away. You sigh, going back to get him after you kicked him out wouldn't work, you doubt he'd want to come back. You hear something down the hall, you grab a weapon and go out of your room.

"Hello?" You call out into the hall. No one answers you. You continue walking and notice something on the ground, broken glass. The windows broken, great, fantastic, that's just what you need right now. Suddenly, someone grabs you from behind and covers your mouth, you struggle against their hold.

"Relax, I'm not here to kill you. In fact, I'm here to help." Oh god, are you about to be kidnapped by a fucking cultist? "Do you want to see your brother again?" You stop struggling for a moment, are they serious? "Good." Before you know it your tied up in the back of a car, this is probably a trap. But you'll do it as long as you'll see Cro. Looking at them more closely, they seem familiar, wait, are they a Vantas?! Oh hell no!

"I refuse to be kidnapped by someone a vile as you!"You start untying yourself, and get up to the front of the car, you quickly grab the searing wheel and car the car to crash. The Vantas jumps out the window right before the car hits a tree. You think you're fine until you try moving your left leg, shit. The car door gets torn off and the Vantas tries grabbing you, you crawl to the other side of the car and open the door. You try running away with your injured leg, you look back and see a pair of glowing red eyes chasing after you. You suddenly trip and start rolling down the hill, hitting your stomach with a tree at the end of your tumble. The Vantas reaches out for you. "Get away!"

"Your hurt, I'm trying to help." They reply.

"I don't need your help, Vantas!" He picks you up anyways.

"Unhand me, demon filth!" They carry you back to whatever hell they came from. "Let me go!" They just ignore you, and head into some random house, a bunch of people are gathered around a coffee table. You notice Cronus on the couch, the Vantas sets you down. You watch the red eyed freak leave, then come back with, a cupcake?

"Eat it, it'll help with your leg."

"A cupcake? Gee thanks."

"Just eat it you brat." You take a bite and holy shit it's good. "Okay, it's time to sort out who will be rooming with who. If you have any issues about it, talk to me later, then you'll be switched with someone else. You'll be rooming until the Captors and anyone else arrives, then while change it..." You stop paying attention, you'll just wait until your names called. "Eridan and Sollux will be in the spare room next to the bathroom. Jake and Dirk are together, for obvious reasons. Karkat and Dave will be in..." Oh god, Sol's here, and we'll be sharing a room. "...John, Terezi, Jade, and Jane. Finally, Cronus, you're with me. Now the next thing is who will go out for supplies when needed. Since a few of you are injured, only a few of us will be leaving, since some have to stay behind because of anyone that's ill. Roxy and myself will go with any volunteers to get supplies. Jane and Jake will stay behind. Keep in mind that this will only be temporary." After he finishes his rant your free to go to your rooms, The Vantas went back to go get your clothes. Sol approaches you.

"So, do you need any help?"

"You're still wearing the glasses I gave you." He awkwardly help you to your room.

"Are you mad?" You shake your head.

"Look, I'm sorry for kicking you out."

"You are?" He seems almost relieved. "I was kinda starving, and I didn't want say anything, but you suck at taking care of demons."

"Oh shut up."

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