chapter 12.

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Let's date Y/N.

I looked at him in disbelief. My brain is working hard to understand what he just said. The next thing I know is, that my mouth opened itself. ''What are you talking about?''

''You heard and understand me.'' Xukun looked at me and was fidgeting his fingers. His gaze dropped on his fingers.

My head heated up and I noticed that I blushed. Still confused, I shook my head. ''No that's not right to do. You have to focus on debuting.''

Now he paid attention to me. ''I am focusing, but I need you.''

My eyes shot to him. I couldn't fully believe him. He doesn't know a thing about me; Why is he asking me something like that? ''Xukun, I can't. It's not allowed and-''

''Oh you like Yixing, right?'' His expression changed. I could sense jealousy, but I could be wrong too.

''Wha- What are you talking about?'' I stuttered by his statement. Who is he to choose whom I like?

''No it's okay. I can make you dislike him. I will make you only like me for sure'' He stood up and walked to the door. ''Just wait for me Y/N.'' He smirked and left.

I sat there, alone and confused with chicken and beer asking myself what to do now. My mind doesn't want to believe this situation. After studying the new dance moves I went to sleep.

The next morning was cruel. I could hardly get out of bed. Last night, I thought too much about the things Xukun said.

I walked down the hallways being lost in thoughts.

Do I like him? Do I like Xukun?

I never really thought our relationship through but I think now I know what Yixing meant.

''He is thinking differently about you..''

So he didn't see me as a friend? What about Yixing? ''Arghh why am I thinking about him?!'' I shouted to myself what lead to a big mistake.

''Who are you thinking about?'' He smirked and came closer to me.

''Ahh Yixing. Ummm I though.. about my brother.'' I lied causing him to tilt his head. Which lead me to explain. ''I'm not in good terms with him'' I fake-grinned. Luckily, he believed me.

''Where are you heading to?'' He asked curiously.

Oh yeah; Today was Saturday. It was my day off. Not for the trainees tho. They had to practice dance, singing and rapping. I hope Xukun's managing well.

I forgot to answer him and heard him saying ''Hm?''

I turned to him and apologized. ''Sorry, I was lost in thoughts. Well I wanted to grab a coffee since I couldn't sleep at all.'' I sighed heavily.

Yixing became silent for a second but spoke up with a loud voice again. ''Let me join you!''

*Yanjun's POV*

''Let me join you!''

I heard voices around the corner and sneaked up to it, to see who it was. Maybe I shouldn't because I clenched my fists.

What is Yixing trying to do?

Feeling a little bit of anger I stepped forward but stopped again. I was unsure if I should do that. Maybe Y/N's gonna think I'm spying on her. So I decided to hide again but watched them anyway.

Slowly I blushed slightly. How can a girl be so beautiful..?

Too careless I was noticed by Yixing and tried to hide. I was hoping that he didn't came up to me. To my surprise he didn't but when I tried to look at Y/N again, they were gone.

''Where did they go?'' I whispered to myself.

I got startled when I heard a voice calling my name. ''Yanjun come on! We have to practice!''

I turned around and answered him: ''Yeah I'm coming!''

One last time I looked at the spot where they were and left.

*Yixing's POV*

When Y/N allowed me to joing, we walked down the streets. I asked myself why Yanjun was watching us. Did he lay his eyes on her too?

My eyes followed Y/N. She talked the whole walk. I didn't listen to her but she was smiling a lot which made me melt a little bit. She was way too cute.

''Here it is!'' She looked at me. ''Yixing?''

I shook my head and escaped my thoughts. ''Oh yeah? Let's go in then.'' Without control I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the cafe.

She made her order and I made mine. With our orders we found seats at the window. Together, we sat down.

I watched her slurping her coffee. ''Y/N can I ask you something?''

Y/N raised her head and gestured me to go ahead.

''What do you think of Xukun?''


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