(Omake) Mission Impossible: Rescue Deku

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{Quick note: Please look up and see adorable Izuku. Phew,  with that out of the way, please enjoy my bonus, Mission Impossible: Rescue Deku. Ps, I changed the timeline a tad so that reporters continue to come the next day. You'll see why though ;) 

{Izuku was surrounded. 'Damn it' he was caught. He was just trying to go to school when he is suddenly swarmed by the press. And in the beginning it was them just asking if he heard the rumors about the Emerald Muse going to UA, at least until someone looked at him and realized it was Emerald Muse.They went crazy after that, asking so many questions Izuku's head hurt. He needed to find a way out and he couldn't maneuver his way out 'Should I use my quirk, but if I do I could get in trouble for using it in an area with civilians. Shoot! I can't get away' he thought to himself.  What can he do, he doesn't want to be late to class but...................}

Everyone was gathered in the class, everyone except Izuku. Many people who had gotten to know Izuku were wondering where he was. A few were more worried than others. Todoroki was panicked thinking his light had come down with a cold. Bakugo just wanted to see the troublesome and adorable boy and Ochacho had a creepy glint in her eye. Not to mention that Kirishima, Shoji, and a few others were looking lost. It was obvious that Izuku being gone was affecting them, though no on blamed them. After the girls in the class heard Izuku singing the songs they requested, he immediately drew their attention. He was just too cute and attention grabbing for the class. 

"Anyone shetheads know where my Deku f***ing is" Bakugo growled. Ochacho bared her teeth hissing and Todoroki began smoking. Unaware of how loud he spoke, Bakugo felt a spike in bloodlust in the room and it was all directed at him. Some people had very visible opinions to what he said like Kirishima who turned rock hard but some had scarier reactions. Like Koda who had animals including some extremely poisonous bugs filtering into the room. Bakugo ignored them,  like a hotheaded idiot he can be sometimes be. " I'll repeat it once to you deaf fudgetards, where's is my f***ing Deku" Bakugo yelled. This time, all hell broke lose. 

Ochacho launched herself at Bakugo screaming about protecting Deku's chastity and Todoroki's whole left side lit on fire. His left was already covered in ice and it seemed as if he was creating a 10 foot ice javelin. "Kill him. Hide body. Find Midoriya. Kidnap Midoriya. Keep Midoriya Forever" Todoroki mumbled, making a strategic plan to make Midoriya his and kill Bastardgo at the same time. Animals were pouring in like crazy and if you checked your phone you would see that multiple lions had broken out of zoos throughout the area. Even a few people with animal-like quirks were being summoned from a powerful force named An ANGRY koda. Kirishima had hardened to the point that the chair he had been sitting on had broke from the concentrated weight of a rock that had to weigh over a ton. Momo was making lots of torture devices and was creepily supplying them to people without offensive quirks, as if she was building a small army. Mineta was throwing his sticky hair balls (hahaha, sorry I have a cat and hairballs are disgusting kind of like Mineta so...... ) at Bakugo and Shoji was making half of his appendages into fists to punch Bakugo and the rest as feet to kick him. All in all, Bakugo was in shet as deep as how shitty his personality was when Deku's not there. As all the kids with connections to Midoriya began their plot to kill the explosive blond.

 As they (group trying to kill Bakugo) moved in for the kill, Aizawa sensei opened the door. Looking more sleep deprived than they had ever seen him they watched as he fell face first into the class. Iida ran to help their sensei when Aizawa slowly got up, walked to his desk and took a seat. Now that he was facing them, the students saw scratches, claw marks and ripped clothes covering their sensei. "Sensei, if I may inquire what's wrong. Is there another trespassing from the press" asked Iida. Everyone shuddered and remembered the day they elected the class president. 

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