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Wow! Almost 8K reads? I honestly did not know that this book would reach that far lol.

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* * *

Never get too attached to someone unless they feel the same towards you,

Because one-sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

* * *

Sage just couldn't rid himself of the exhilarated feeling he had.

It showed itself throughout that day, from his classes, lunch hour, and of course, at Taste Buds.

"You're unusually giddy today." Vera observed as they were both taking care of the breakable dishes, with Sage rinsing them, putting them away after. "A penny for your thoughts?"

Sage had glanced down at his hands, the idiotic smile dominating his face no matter how hard he tried to wipe it off. "Um ... it's—"

"'Nyx piped up with an idea.'" Nyx popped in from nowhere. He was leaning against the door frame, a wry smile on his lips. "You and Ran did it."

"Huh?" Sage asked, confused, while Vera threw her twin a condensing look.

Nyx shrugged, backing away with a wide smile. "Oh nothing. Back to work, buds! 'He demanded, disappearing—'" he'd dodged the soapy water that was lurched at him as he fled behind the wall, noisily laughing as he went back to the kitchen. Vera had sighed, shaking her head.

"He's worse than Randall, believe it or not."

Sage had a hard time evaluating her words to be true. "R-really? But he's decent."

Vera laughed.


At that point in time, Sage lied on his stomach, on his bed, toying with Xander's locket by throwing them between his hands as he let his mind roam.

Xander was unnaturally nice the other day. Maybe that meant he hated him a little less now? Maybe then they could be friends, or best friends, even?

Despite how selfish Sage was, he just couldn't bring himself to hand the locket over to Xander, after having such a moment. What if he suddenly became angry, or no longer gazed at Sage the way he did?

Xander's state made Sage feel very nervous, but he didn't mind, for he centralized his attention on Xander's bruised wrists. He'd used an ample amount of peroxide on them before shifting to use a liquid that, as read on the box, helped wounds to heal faster, and fight off infections. After doing those, he made the decision to use the thin plaster in his backpack to envelop Xander's wrists, to which he'd prior applied a gauze pad. Xander had remained quiet throughout the whole operation, save for the occasional groans and hisses he'd let out.

The urge to check Xander's body for any more injuries was fervid, but Sage soon discovered that he didn't only want to see injuries, but his body. He recalled the time he'd found Xander on Facebook and saw his half-naked state.

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