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Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader



A Night To Forget

Your POV

What am I even doing here?

Yesterday I was an officer patrolling the streets, catching bad guys and always the first to attend distress calls and now I'm no different than a recruit guarding a museum. What's lame was the excuse that the Lieutenant gave me: A series of dangerous thefts have been occurring across Japan, do us all a favor and stop them.

Yeah, dangerous, not even a fly was harmed in all those thefts; they just entered, grabbed something and ran away like nothing happened. Only reason of why I accepted the job is that I get to be a detective after all this.

Now, how to entertain myself during this long night? The police took away my phone since they predicted that my phone can distract me from my duties. I could take a nap but the Lieutenant is watching me through the security cameras.

Please, someone give me something to have fun!

The alarm of the museum started to echo through all the halls. Maybe I found something to have real fun. I reached to my belt and got out my pistol from it and started advancing through the museum.

"Edo Period Exhibition, go!" I could hear the loud voice from the Lieutenant ringing on my right ear as I started running towards the place he yelled. While running I got the lantern out of my belt and had it prepared.

Once I arrived to the section of the Edo Period, I hid behind a wall waiting for instructions of their current place.

"Who told you that grabbing that katana was a good idea?!" Luckily for me their voices guided me towards the location; at least I know that they are still here, somewhere.

"B-But I need it!" I could hear a desperate voice, like a little girl asking for a candy or a chocolate bar. A katana, center front, now their exact location, just need one more clue.

"No you don't!" I could hear a little fight before another voice came in.

"Stop! You can continue this foreplay at home" Even I blushed after her words, those criminals are perverts?


"Don't act like you don't like it, Riko-chan~" The voices arguing stopped while the cheery voice continued. "Let's take this katana back; it's their fault for leaving it unprotected"

Unprotected, that's it, at the bottom of the exhibition! It is where I put the decoy! Immediately, I exited my cover and pointed the lantern at them turning it on at the same time as my pistol was. "TMPD! Stop where you are!"

The moment I saw them, that blonde hair and golden eyes and voluptuous body at the girl in the center, the red-headed with amber eyes that could hypnotize everyone she saw and the little one with dark hair and pink eyes who seemed rather innocent.

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