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The Boscombe Valley Mystery (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV)

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV THE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERY Andrew Delaplaine © Copyright 2012 by Gramercy Park Press All rights reserved Inquiries to: DEDICATION The pecuniary rigors attending the struggles of the unknown writer are well documented in the annals of history, from the scribes drinking sack in ancient Rome down to the present day hacks in Sodom-by-the-Sea drinking DewarÕs on the rocks (with a twist). It is thus of paramount importance that those bartenders who tend on celebratory occasions (in the words of the trade) Òto overpourÓ be lauded and magnified, and otherwise recognized, and so this modest work is gratefully dedicated to Daniel Clayton Ewan Crum, who, bringing to the task the tenacity of a cur dog, will not be denied his place of glory behind a bar. Note: This is entirely a work of fiction. It is in no sense a roman ˆ clef. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the authorÕs imagination or, when characters, places of business or institutions are in fact real (such as the name of a cafŽ on South Beach), they are used fictitiously to provide a semblance of verisimilitude; there is no intention of portraying any actual person, place or incident. Other Books by the Same Author (All books available in quality bookstores as well as on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Books, the authorÕs website and everywhere else books are sold. AuthorÕs website: JACK HOUSTON ST. CLAIR SERIES THE KEYSTONE FILE Ð PART 1 Ð A Jack Houston St. Clair Political Thriller Sam Houston St. Clair is the Republican candidate for President. On Election Night itÕs discovered that thereÕs been a tie in the Electoral College, resulting in a deadlock. The Constitution requires that in such a case the election is thrown into the House of Representatives, where each state has a single vote. 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THE BORNHOLM DIAMOND A mysterious Swedish nobleman requests a meeting to discuss a matter of such serious importance that it may threaten the line of succession in one of the oldest royal houses in Europe.Ê THE RED-HAIRED MAN A man with a shock of red hair calls on Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of the Red-haired League. THE CLEVER ONE A former nun who, while still very devout, has renounced her vows so that she could Òfind a life, and possibly love, in the real world.Ó She comes to Holmes in hopes that he can find out what happened to the man who promised to marry her, but mysteriously disappearedÊmoments before theirÊwedding. THE COPPER BEECHES A nanny reaches out to Sherlock Holmes seeking his advice on whether she should take a new position when her prospective employer has demanded that she cut her hair as part of the job. THE MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIP In what seems to be the case of a missing person, Sherlock Holmes navigates his way through a maze of perplexing clues that leads him through a sinister world to a surprising conclusion THE DEVILÕS FOOT HolmesÕs doctor orders him to take a short holiday in Key West, and while there, Holmes is called on to look into a case in which three people involved in a Santer'a ritual died with no explanation.Ê THE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERY Sherlock Holmes and Watson are called to a remote area of Florida overlooking Lake Okeechobee to investigate a murder where all the evidence points to the victim's son as the killer. Holmes, however, is not so sure.Ê THE SIX NAPOLEONS Inspector Lestrade calls on Holmes to help him figure out why a madman would go around Miami breaking into homes and businesses to destroy cheap busts of the French Emperor. 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Mary Freeman stumbles upon a spectacular robbery of historic Trinity Church in downtown Manhattan on Christmas Eve, and after impressing the Mayor, gets assigned to the Task Force investigating the crime, throwing her headlong into a world of political intrigue and murder that rips apart every aspect of her life. (Based on the novel.) MEETING SPENCER Ð THE SCREENPLAY After a series of Hollywood flops, famed director Harris Chappell (Jeffrey Tambor in the movie released in 2012) returns to New York to relaunch his Broadway career. But Chappell's triumphant comeback begins to spiral out of control into a wild night of comic misadventure after meeting struggling actor Spencer (Jesse Plemons) and his old flame Didi (Melinda McGraw). This is an original script (not based on a novel or other source material). This is the original script, NOT the shooting script. You can stream the movie on Netflix. Or buy it on Amazon. THE TRAP DOOR Ð THE SCREENPLAY Looking for a famous ÒlostÓ play, a London boy performing in ÒA Midsummer NightÕs DreamÓ travels back in time to 1594 and the original production of the play in the original Globe Theatre. While there, he becomes embroiled in a plot to assassinate the Protestant Queen Elizabeth the First and replace her with the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots. (Based on the novel.) DELAPLAINE TRAVEL GUIDES Delaplaine Travel Guides represent the authorÕs take on some of the many cities heÕs visited and many of which he has called home (for months or even years) during a lifetime of travel. The books are available as either Ebooks or as printed books. Owing to the ease with which material can be uploaded, both the printed and Ebook editions are updated 3 times a year. The Guides are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iTunes Store and everywhere books are sold. In his Guides, Delaplaine doesnÕt list every hotel and every restaurant; rather, he thinks it more important to be selective than comprehensive. ItÕs no fun reading the Yellow Pages. But all his Guides contain plenty of information about restaurants, lodgings, shopping ideas you might not otherwise know about, unusual attractions, different nightlife activities, etc. When he likes something, he tells you. When he doesnÕt, he tells you why. Current editions available: DelaplaineÕs 2012 Guide to South Beach DelaplaineÕs 2012 Guide to Miami & South Beach DelaplaineÕs 2012 Guide to Key West & the Florida Keys Delaplaine's 2012 Guide to Fort Lauderdale Delaplaine's 2012 Guide to Las Vegas DelaplaineÕs 2012 Guide to Orlando & Walt Disney World DelaplaineÕs 2012 Guide to San Francisco AuthorÕs Note Background Information on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV Since this book is one in a series on the exploits of Sherlock Holmes IV, it might be useful to the Reader to know how he came to find himself in Miami and how he came to find himself associated with Watson and Lestrade. Some of this backstory cannot be revealed at this moment because it is integral to developments that occur in books in the series yet to be written. This is how it is related in The Red-haired Man: ÒI was just explaining to Mr. Janklow here that I emigrated from London to South Beach strictly because of Inspector Lestrade. It really was quite astonishing, Mr. Janklow. I was returning from a case in Ecuador, and I had to change planes here in Miami. I knew that Lestrade had come over from London years before when he married a Cuban woman, and since I was here for a couple of days, I decided to look him up.Ó ÒThatÕs exactly right, Mr. Holmes,Ó said Lestrade with a thin-lipped smug grin. ÒIÕd never met the descendant of my ancestorÕs colleague at Scotland Yard,Ó Holmes went on, Òand I thought as the opportunity for me to return to Miami might not arise again, I ought to look him up.Ó ÒAnd what does he do, Mr. Janklow?Ó Lestrade said, leaning forward for emphasis, Òhe goes and buys this hotel on Lincoln Road and moves here!Ó ÒAnd even stranger, Mr. Janklow, two years after I opened Fleming House, John Watson comes here for a visit and ends up staying on as my general manager!Ó ÒIÕd read of course about the reunion of the descendants of Holmes and Lestrade,Ó said Watson, Òand when I had a one-week holiday, thought IÕd come over to meet them both.Ó ÒAnd when he got here,Ó Holmes took over the narrative, Òit turned out that he was a top manager at the Connaught. I was having the devil of a time managing Fleming House, so I offered him a berth here and that pretty much brings us up to date.Ó And that, dear Reader, as far as it goes, brings you up to date as well. Table of Contents Chapter 1 A Steady Rain Chapter 2 Murder? Chapter 3 ÒCooee!Ó Chapter 4 FredÕs Gator Shack Chapter 5 The Turner Woman Chapter 6 Papa JimmyÕs Catfish & More Chapter 7 The Unhelpful Prisoner Chapter 8 The Boscombe Pool Chapter 9 The Murder Weapon Chapter 10 Black Jack of Ballarat Chapter 11 The Past Returns Chapter 1 A Steady Rain Watson hurried down from his suite atop Fleming House as soon as he got the call from Bjšrn Karlsen, manager of the Crown Colony restaurant on the ground floor. He took the stairs (two at a time) that circled the glass-enclosed shaft of the 1920s era lift installed by the Otis Elevator Company in the 1920s when Fleming House was originally built and called the Esplanade Hotel. Torrential rains had fallen on South Beach for two days solid, clearing the normally congested Lincoln Road of its endless parade of locals and tourists from around the world, many of whom dropped by Fleming House to take pictures of the boutique hotel owned by Sherlock Holmes IV, as renowned in this day as his great-great-great grandfather had been in his for solving seemingly inscrutable crimes and mysteries that baffled the authorities. Watson came into the lobby and nodded toward Rafael Garcia, head man at Reception, and moved toward the front of the house where the Crown Colony was located on the west side of the building. Bjšrn rushed down to meet him. ÒItÕs the awning on Jefferson Avenue, Mr. Watson.Ó ÒFinally blew, did it?Ó ÒYes. Soaked all the tables.Ó ÒClear everything away and retract the awning,Ó Watson ordered as he moved past Karlsen and into the restaurant. ÒWeÕre already doing that,Ó said Bjšrn, following him. Watson saw a couple of waiters pulling in the tables and chairs through the French doors that gave onto Jefferson Avenue. Another waiter was turning the lever that retracted the awning. A waiter came out of the kitchen through the swinging doors and Watson could hear the stentorian voice of Chef Hilario, the culinary genius that Watson knew Holmes considered among his most prized Òpossessions,Ó if that phrase can be used to describe the unusual relationship they had. Hilario screamed at his kitchen staff from morning till late at night. Many customers from all over the world came and actually requested tables near the kitchen so they could listen to him rant and rave about the limitless inadequacies of his kitchen staff, the imbecility of Bjšrn KarlsenÕs waiters, and the general conspiracy of the world to frustrate his desires in every way possible. Hilario barely tolerated Watson, but Holmes had made it clear to both Watson and Hilario that he couldnÕt live his life without either one of them, and that they somehow had to get along. What Holmes didnÕt know (of course, he knew deep down that Holmes knew everything as a matter of course) was that Bjšrn was WatsonÕs secret weapon. Bjšrn, a blond-haired, blue-eyed of Swedish descent from Fargo, somehow got along with Hilario, who was ruthless with all the gay waiters they had at Fleming House. Bjšrn stood up and defended them and for some strange reason Chef Hilario had come to respect him and theyÕd developed a good working relationship. Well, a working relationship in any case.

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