Chapter 9

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AUTHORS NOTE: Did someone say erotica? Enjoy ;)
Also, very little editing has been done here.

--Jason POV--

There are bandages laced around my body, tightly fastened, restricting the movement of my stomach when I breath. On the edge of my bed he sits. Golden Flame fiddles with his thumbs as he watches me observe myself. I try to sit up, but that idea goes out the window when two chains pull my hands back down. My wrists are cuffed over my head leaving my body vulnerable. A blush attacks my cheeks.

I am partially stripped. He ripped my suite, revealing from my nipples to the edge of my underwear. I am not scared of his hands, that could catch fire and burn through me at any moment, but his roaming eyes. They eat me up.

I try to escapes by arching up and moving, but it comes off almost sexual and I decide it would work in my favour to keep still. There is a funny feeling in my stomach I can't get rid of. I try to breach his mind, but as expected he's learnt how to close it. I have no upper hand to take.

"Enjoying the view?" I growl, gritting my teeth.

Hazel eyes return to mine. "You have a nice body. It's a shame he had to cut you up. But Jason seems like a fierce little thing."

I blush harder. "So what ya gonna do to me? Starve me to death?"

He smiles. "Thought we don't scheme these things before hand? I'm going to  let you go. I'm not evil. That suites you better."

Why do I feel insulted? "Great."

Several seconds pass and he makes no move to release the cuffs digging into my wrists. "But I can't let you go untill you lead me to Jason. If he's injured just as bad I need to find him now."

Well how the fuck am I supposed to do that? I close my eyes. "I can't."

He bites his lip. "Going to have to find what makes you weak. Because i wont leave until I have him."

For some reason I suddenly feel very angry. Like I'm being teased and toyed with. I feel wanted but it feels fake. "Why do you care? People can handle themselves. Right now I have no opportunity to cut him up. And he's in fine condition."

He leans in a bit closer. "He's cute. Might even have a bit of a crush on him."

I am furious. I bite me lip and struggle against the chains that clatter in protest. "Your gay!"

He doesn't seem fazed. He looks me straight in the eyes and the edges of his lips turn up. "Yes. I have a keen interest in boys."

I struggle more, of course, to no avail. I wish I could leave my body. Escape the feelings stirring in my groin. I am ashamed. "You're disgusting!"

I'm disgusting.

What he does next is my fault. I have shown him how much I am bothered. He carefully straddles me. Gently, not touching me. His hands pinning above my head. I freeze and stop breathing. His face stoops down towards mine. But keeps a safe distance. An I could kiss you distance, but I'm not tempted to yet.

"How do I disgust you?"

He says this gently. Like a mother to a child. I am innocent. And I don't like boys.  Nope. Not me.

"Its not natural." I stutter over the words. All the blood in my face drains causing me to feel dizzy, because there was so much prior.

"You know," he says, and then stops to take a couple raspy breaths, "spandex is awful for hiding a hard on."

My eyes pop. I look down at myself to confirm. I make the mistake of looking at him too. I thrust up and our chests meet. It was a reflex. But it did nothing good for me. He grunts quietly and throws my hips back down. Pinning me to the bed. His body still hovering. He looks at the roof and takes a deep breath.

"Stop tempting me. Or I will-"

He can't find the words to finish. I decide to play his little game. It is only to refrain from weakness, or so I tell myself. I look into his eyes. I won't let him break me. I want to keep my persona. I will not tell him who I am.

I lift my head off the pillow. "Or you'll what big boy?"

He smirks, lowering his head. "So you did look."

It takes me a second to understand. My cheeks must turn color because he laughs. He sits up, distancing our faces.

" You smell delicious. I might just need a taste, but i'd rather find my little puppy."

I speak out of character and regret it right after. "Jason doesn't know you."

He squints. "How do you know? Are you lovers?"

" No! I already told you faggot. I'm straight. I hate Jason. Don't love him even a little."

I have crossed the line. This time the only place there is fire is in his eyes. He bring his face down to my ear and engulfs my hands in his. They cover mine completely.

He nips down on the lobe and is awarded with my high pitch moan, that I can't even try to contain. I'm a raging ball of hormones. My back arches slightly and he takes the opportunity to rest his hand in the small of it.

He laps his tongue on the outskirts of my ear. "So bondage is your thing?"

I whimper. "Stop. I. No hmm. Mmmmmmmm. Ahhhg!"

He bites down hard. "I want you so bad . I'm being kind right now. Don't push it. Besides, You don't deserve the pleasure I can give. You've been bad."

I twist my head to the side, but that just provides him more access. "That's what bad guys do. They be bad."

He chuckles into my ear sending shivers down my spine. "You taste delicious. I'm afraid I'm going to want more."

"You pervert!" I scream, but I don't make any further effort to escape. He starts on my neck. And he moans as he goes. And tells me how good it is.

Tells me how much he wants me.

At some point I'm fooled. He grunts and does something I'm not prepared for; he pushes down his length against mine. He flushes a little.

He reads the cocktail of fear and desire on my face. "I will go as far as I need to go if you don't tell me his whereabouts."

I don't want sex. I don't want to want him as bad as I do. "I'll lead you to him."

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