When I got back to the castle all I had time for was to rest and eat before I went on my next mission. Saix said he was sorry for the rush but apparently time was of essence here, and that he would also be accompanying me. My next mission was to travel to a beasts castle and capture the heart of a girl named Belle, and to corrupt, and wipe the memory of the beast that cared for her there. I had been so busy I had barely talked to or seen any of the others, Ashtcher, Rix, Renxsuke, and I hadn't seen Rhys in ages. I had no idea what she was up to. We bid our farewells to whoever was around and left.

            The dark portal gave us entrance to the inside of the beasts castle in the foyer. There were three columns built on either side of the long red carpet that led to the staircase that sat in front of us. The stairs were simple but grand. At the middle of the stairs there were a set of double doors leading somewhere and then two more sets of stairs. One set going left and then the other right. And on the foyer before the stairs over to the far right, sort of hidden behind the columns was another door that looked slightly open but I could see an amount of light shining through the small crease at the bottom of the door.

            "I'll go have a look around to see what I can find," Saix said. "If you find anything the darkness will lead you to me."

            I nodded and he vanished. I decided to go look in the room that that was slightly open. It had peaked my curiosity the most and just before my fingertips could touch the doorknob of this mysterious room I heard a voice.

            "Who's there?" The motion of my hand stopped as I slightly turned my head around but saw no one there. "What are you doing here? You are not allowed here. Leave at once!"

            It was a very annoying type of voice. The kind

of voice that left a sort of ringing or ticking in my ear. The voice was very high strung and whiny, supported with a British accent. I then looked over to the set of stairs and saw an object sitting on the stairs. It looked like a clock. When did that get there. Then the clocked hopped down from stair to stair until it hit the floor and hopped its way over to me. There was the sound of clanking as he moved.

            "What the..." I said as I bent down towards him.

            "You should not be here, girl," he said again. "Normally I wouldn't expose myself like this but it is not safe for a young girl like yourself to be here."

            I pretty much ignored what he said and poked the glass that encased the pendulum going back and forth.

            "Aghh!" He yelled. "Don't do that. Why must everyone do that?"

            "Oh! Another guest!" I heard another voice then. It wasn't annoying like the clock, but it was cheerful and happy, supported with a French accent. This chipper  being was a candle stick and slid down the rail of the stairs and slid over to us.

            "Bah!" the clocked yelled. "Lumiere! What are you doing here?! You shouldn't be here!"

            "You must say that to a lot of people don't you?" I interjected to the clock.

            The candlestick who I knew now was called Lumiere started to chuckle and put his arm around the clock and pulled him closer, squeezing him.  "Oh Cogsworth, when will you ever learn to be kinder! Welcoming. How could this girl mean us any harm?"

            "Well we shouldn't be taking any chances now should we, Lumiere? Or have you forgotten what happened when the master opened the door to just anyone? We ended up like this!"

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