Chapter 6

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(A/N: Just a quicc short boi)

"Okay, let's see just how good you are Webhead." Peter jumped as an arrow soared towards him, sticking into the wall where he had just been. Clint had a small smirk on his face.

"Just how sharp are those things?" he asked while sticking to the wall about five feet higher.

"Very." Clint shot another one, and this time Peter dived to the side. Sam suddenly swooped down in the Falcon suit and took a swipe at him, his target thankfully dodging out of the way thanks to his spidey sense.

"Hey, this isn't fair! This is two against one!"

"Oh trust me, you have the advantage. You have Natasha." Said redhead suddenly jumped from out of seemingly nowhere and tackled Clint to the ground, both grunting as they did so. Sam flew high near the ceiling, looking a lot like the bird for he was named, obviously worried that she would go after him next. Peter took the opportunity to shoot his webs at the man's wings and jump down to the ground, pulling him with him. Sam let out a single 'woah!' before he was yanked close to the floor. He regained control right before he hit the ground however, thrusters blasting. Now it was Peter's turn to get pulled, yelping as he got dragged mid-air towards the ceiling. It briefly reminded him of that one time with the Vulture where something eerily similar occured. Oh well, you were gonna get that with people that can fly. Now there was a sentence I'd never thought I'd think, Peter thought offhandedly while he was pulled through the air. He quickly let go of the stand of webbing and jumped for the closest wall.

"Geez, you guys are hardcore," he commented.

"Of course," Clint answered, though he was still sparring with Natasha (and judging from the headlock he was in, failing pretty miserably at). His spidey sense suddenly blared, causing him to dodge as Sam came at him again. He shot webs at each of his wings and slingshotted himself straight towards the man, his feet connecting solidly with his torso and effectively knocking him out of the sky. They tumbled to the ground, Peter landing on top of Sam and pinning him to the ground. He quickly shot webs at the man's wings, restricting any movement the man could have made. It looked like Natasha had efficiently finished up with Clint, and now looked to be choking him out with his own bow...? Peter mentally shrugged.

"Oh no, you're not doing that again," Sam called, the blades of his wings slicing through the thin webbing. Peter had time to mumble an 'oh crap' before a flying kick was thrown at him. He ducked and slid in between Sam's legs. The man turned around mid-air and grabbed the back of his suit, yanking the spider back and up. Peter spun into a backflip and landed on the man's wing pack, immediately webbing up the joints and gears. The pack spluttered, prompting him to jump off and stick to the nearest wall. There weren't many things to climb in the training room except the walls and ceiling. Sam took a nosedive, but righted himself just before he crashed and stumbled to his feet. Peter took advantage of that and shot electrowebs at the wing pack again, rendering it useless. He then used normal webs to pin him to the nearby wall, this time using up almost half his cartridge. Sam struggled but couldn't break himself free. "Okay okay, you win, now cut me free," he called. Clint and Natasha seemed to had finished their little match, as Nat came over and cut him free with one of her many knives. It was slightly frightening how many weapons she could fit onto her person. She chuckled as she sliced away the webs.

"He kicked your ass, Wilson."

"Yeah yeah," he mumbled, pulling his arm free. Peter couldn't hold back a giggle watching him struggle to get free.

"Yeah, laugh it up Webhead, but you better watch yourself," Sam called to the spiderling, but Peter could see the small smile on his face. He liked this, he realized. The Avengers were more like a family than a team, and he liked being a part of it. 

(A/N: Yes, Peter giggles. Fight me.)

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