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Mage's POV

I fluttered my eyes open and looked to my side table, it is already 10. Jack usually wakes me up before 8 or 9. What's up with him? Hmm, Last night he didn't even bother to say goodnight or something before he went upstairs.

I slowly stand up and head to the bathroom and did my morning routine. After a couple of minutes doing my morning routine, I sat on my bed and just stared at the floor.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Come in Jack." I said while smiling to myself.

The door opened and reveal mom.

"Oh, mom." I said a little disappointed and embarrassed.

"So, you were expecting Jack?" Mom asked.

"No, it's just.. he didn't wake me up earlier." I said and mom smiled.

"Oh, I didn't let him wake you up this morning cause I want you to rest and have your time." She said.

"Oh.. thanks mom." I said while smiling.

"Btw, I came here to tell you that Katy called and she said that you have sort of something to do today." Mom said.

"Okay, thanks mum." I mumbled, she nodded and then went outside.

I clicked my phone and called Katy.

*Ring* *Ring* ~ *Ring* *Ring*

"Mage.." Katy said.

"Hello Kate, mom said that you called earlier. What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, just a couple of meetings with some clients." She said and I groaned.

"How many clients do I have to meet today?" I asked.

"3-5 maybe." She said.

"What? What's up with today?" I asked in disbelief. We rarely have that numbers of clients.

"Yeah, I am surprised too. Maybe today is the lucky day." She said.

"Yeah, I will just take a shower and then I will drop by your house." I said, she said 'okay' and then I hanged up.

I head to the bathroom and showered. After fixing myself, I headed downstairs. I saw Jack just sitting in the living room.. Usually when he's bored or something, he always come to my room to chill or to watch some movies. I quietly hid in his back and covered his eyes. He didn't bulge or something, he just let me cover his eyes. I removed my hand and sat beside him. I think something's wrong.

"Hey Jack." I said trying to start a conversation but he just nodded.

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"Nothing, just not feeling well." He said while looking down.

"Okay I won't push you but I can tell that you have a problem or something. Wanna come with me?" I asked him.

"Where?" He asked.

"Just some meetings with a couple of clients." I said.

"Oh, no, I am fine in here." He said while smiling.

"Okay.. as you say so." I said and he nodded.


Mage's POV

I headed to my car and drove to Katy's house. After half an hour or something, I finally arrived.

"What took you so long?" She asked and I just shrugged.

"Okay. Please be early next time, okay come on, here's your schedule." She said and then she started to teach me what to do and what to say.


Jack's POV

It is already 6 in the afternoon and Mage is still not here. I headed to my room and then locked the door. I opened the balcony and lay on the floor. Then I drifted off to sleep.


Mage's POV

*Knock* *Knock* ~

*Knock* *Knock*

"Jack." I kept on knocking but no ones answering.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Jack..." I said while knocking then the door clicked open.

"Hey." I said while peeking.

"Mage.." Jack said while completely opening the door.

"May I come in?" I asked.

"Yeah." Jack said while stepping backwards to let me in.

I sat on the beanbag chair and Jack sat on his bed.

I waited for him to start a conversation but he isn't trying to start or something.

"Oh, come on Jack. Tell me what's wrong." I pleaded but he just shrugged and smiled.

I stood up and sat beside him while laying my head on his shoulder.

"Ey, Jack?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He asked and then I tickled him.

"St-stop Mage!" He said while laughing.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong." I said and kept tickling him.

"Jus-just stop an-and I will t-tell y-you what's w-wrong." He said and then I stopped and sat on the floor.

He just sat up but he didn't say anything.

"I'm waiting.." I said while smiling.

"Okay, okay." He said.

"Okay?" I asked unsure.

"But nothing's wrong.." He said while smiling.

"I'm gonna tickle you non-stop until you admit it." I said standing up while coming towards him.

He stopped me and we both fall on his bed. We both looked at each other's eyes. His eyes are very mesmerizing. Our faces are just inches away.. and he is now closing our gap. What will I do? I am panicking inside right now. I didn't felt this with Tyler.

"Oh, I am sorry for interrupting you both.." Jack and I both looked at the door and saw mom, she is shocked, but, she is smiling? We both sat up very fast and then laughed loudly.

"No mom, we aren't doing what you think we're doing.." I said while giggling at her.

"Then what are the both of you doing? Playing some game and then fell in top of each other?" Mom asked teasingly.

"Yes! That's right, we're playing and then we both fell into his bed." I said while rolling my eyes.

"Okay??" Mom asked teasingly.

"And, if we're doing what you think we're doing then aren't you should be mad?" I asked her confused.

"I'm not gonna be mad. I am just teasing you both, I know Jack will not hook up with you." Mom said. My mouth hang open and Jack laughed loud.

"MOM!" I practically shouted.

I can't believe that my own mom will tease me like that.