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I woke up the next morning around 10 am, luckily it was the weekend. I grabbed my phone noticing 4 missed calls from Alice and 7 messages.

I opened up the messages and saw.

"Clove?"- Al

"..I'm sorry, we didn't mean for the leave to hurt you and Bella so much."- Al

"I don't know if you want this, but Bella needs Edward and from your emails you need Jasper."- Al

"So we will be back in school and forks by Monday."- Al

"Jasper has been a wreck without you, depriving himself from hunts avoiding everyone. You guys need each other."- Al

"I'm sorry for everything with Embry, I didn't tell the rest about you and the wolf pack."- Al

"I'll leave you alone now."- Al

I turned off my phone thinking how the fuck did she see the emails, I thought they still hadn't been sending. I hopped off the bed, grabbed my laptop and opened it seeing that there was a sent date on all the emails.

I was still midly pissed, if she knew how I felt why hadn't she responded? To keep her distance? Well that made me feel like shit.

I slammed my laptop shut before laying my head back against the covers of my bed. All I could do was think, think about how mad I was.

The whole day was spent laying in bed thinking about what I would do on Monday. I was dragged out of my thoughts from a knock on the door downstairs.

I slowly walked downstairs to my door, I opened it to see the Alice standing there with a sad smile.

"..Alice" I mumbled, right before my pixie best friend pulled me tightly into her arms.

"I will never leave you again." She stated seriously her grip on me only tightening. After a few minutes she let go, we walked into the house before going up to my room and sitting on the bed.

"..I thought you died." She let out looking down, at my dark gray bedsheets.

I couldn't help but feel mad, sad and all around shitty it was even worse when I remember I was thinking about dying.

"I wanted to.." I stated, causing her eyes to snap up to meet my own.

"..Alice.. why did you leave me?" I started crying grabbing onto her as she pulled me into her arms.

"It was stupid thing to do, it won't ever happen again." She stated putting emphasis on the word ever.

She held me in her arms for around 2 hours as we just layed on my bed with my head on her chest.

I felt calmer than before, more at peace. Eventually I sat up locking eyes with Alice.

"You are my best friend, you are never aloud to leave me again." I cried out as my voice cracked and she pulled me back to her.

"I promise." She whispered out comfortingly. I layed down on my back beside her, just staring at the ceiling.

"Please if you ever feel that way again talk to us me, jasper, Rosalie any one! We will help you." She stated motherly her arms holding me.

"..so Jasper." I stated trying to see where me and him stood.

"..Clove, Jasper loves you it's why he thought leaving would be good." Alice responded looking at me with a solemn expression.

"..he can be so stupid." I breathed out trying to not go into another breakdown at the thought of him.

"He agrees, Clove he doesn't think you will forgive him. When I saw you jump, Edward read my mind and told Jasper. It took everything in me to stop Jasper from going to the volturi too." Alice stated, grabbing my hands in hers to make me look at her.

"..where is he?" I asked looking at her through watery eyes.

"He's hunting right now, trying to be ready for Monday." She answered quickly knowing what I was gonna ask next.

"Tell him to come over when he's done, my window will be open." I stated getting up unlocking and opening my window before sitting back on the bed.

"I will." She responded getting up and putting on her Jacket.

She was about to leave when I grabbed her wrist pulling her back into my arms.

"I'm keeping you to that promise, no more leaving." I whispered to her, as I held her in my arms.

She left my house and I locked the door, I went upstairs and layed back on the bed. Now I had to wait for Jasper.

I was scared but exicted, but at the same time I didn't know how to feel about seeing him. I felt like I wanted to scream and jump in his arms but at the same time cry and punch though it would do nothing.

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