Chapter 5

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It was a small ceremony. Just Peter, Ned, MJ, and a couple friends from May's work. Tony had paid for everything, as he insisted. Peter didn't have it in him to resist.

It was short as well; the teen had requested it. He didn't know how much he could handle, especially with her body right there, in a casket, in front of him.

She was buried right next to Uncle Ben, of course. Peter lingered by both of their graves long after everyone else had left, just standing, staring. Tony stood a respectful distance away, still watching the boy. He had barely moved in an hour. Eventually, he walked up quietly and put a hand on his shoulder. "Do you wanna get going?" he asked softly. Peter was silent for a bit before turning. There were unspilled tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, sure," he replied, sniffling and rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his suit. Tony led him back to the car, his arm still around his shoulder. They both climbed into the back and he told Friday to drive them home. They sat in silence as they rode, Tony not daring to speak lest the teen break down again. As previously established, he didn't really know how to handle emotions. Yes, he wanted to be there for him, but he didn't know how. He was much better at dealing with mechanics and programs. That was his speciality. Human feelings? Not so much.

When they finally got back to the Avenger's Facility, Peter went straight to his new room, shut the door, and didn't come out until supper. And even then, he was practically silent. When Tony was alone, he asked Friday to, once again, keep an eye on the boy.

"Peter has requested that I deactivate the security cameras in his bedroom," she informed him. Tony's lips formed a thin line. Well, I don't really blame him, he thought. I probably wouldn't want to be recorded either, especially if I was crying or something. The thought of Peter in so much pain made Tony falter. Should he make an attempt to talk to him? Find out how he was doing? He was practically clueless, and that annoyed him. He didn't like it when he didn't know how to handle a situation. Tony set down the wrench he was using in frustration. He glanced over at the other tables scattered around his lab, noticing Bruce's little lab in the corner. He suddenly had an idea.


Peter suddenly heard a knock at the door. He lifted his head, where he had been messing around with his Spidey suit, not really doing anything. He stood and walked over to the door, opening it a bit. Tony was outside. "Hey kid," he greeted. "Grab your suit. Wanna upgrade it?" Peter blinked.

"Oh, uh, sure, hold on." He left the door open as he backtracked into his room and snatched the suit and mask from the bed. "Uh, upgrade what, exactly?" he asked.

"We'll decide when we get to it, c'mon," was the response. Peter shrugged mentally and followed his adoptive father out of the room and down the hallway. He almost froze at that subconscious thought. Yeah, technically it was official that Tony was his dad now, but it had finally fully sunk in that he was Tony Stark's freaking son.

When they finally arrived, Peter gaped at the huge expanse of a room. There was tech scattered everywhere, pieces of Iron Man suits being the most prominent, along with some car parts as far as Peter could tell. It was messy, but a familiar kind of messy, if that makes sense. It felt kind of homey, if Peter was being honest. "Pretty cool right?" Tony said, breaking him out of his daze.

"Definitely, Mr. Stark," he answered.

"Forget all this mister business," he said. "Tony's fine."

"O-oh, sorry Mr. S- Tony," he quickly corrected himself. The man chuckled a bit and walked further into the large room, gesturing for Peter to join him. Once he did, he laid the suit out on a semi-empty table, staring at it. Peter looked at him, and was about to ask what he was doing when he suddenly said,

"You have electro webs right?"

"Yeah," Peter replied a little shyly. Tony nodded and continued to stare at the suit, obviously waiting for an idea to pop into his head. "I-I was thinking that maybe I could try and increase the amount of web fluid the shooters could store, I don't really wanna run out in the middle of the fight, and if I can't get to the other cartridges, t-that might be a problem," Peter rambled.

"Hmm, I like that," Tony commented. "You have the shooters?" Peter held up his wrists and pulled the sleeves of his shirt down. He had taken to wearing them everywhere, even if he didn't have his suit with him, ever since the whole Vulture incident. He pulled the web shooters off and set them down on the table. Tony grabbed a screwdriver. He mumbled to himself,

"Okay, let's see what we can do here..."


Four hours later, the two finished tired but satisfied. In addition to upgrading the shooters, Tony had done a complete overhaul on Karen, adding so many new features that Peter didn't even bother asking. The two of them went to bed later that night contented. Peter realized that he felt happy, happier than he had been at the beginning of this whole saga at least. He fell asleep that night with a light smile on his face.

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