“Yes I told Noah when I went over there after work. She came a few hours before you.” I said with a shrug.

“You snapped at her?” he asked what the fuck was this twenty-one question.

“Yes she pissed me off plus I was already mad because of what Shawna did.” I said.

“Why did she come up there?” I glared at him as a sense of irritation sat in my body. From this bad feeling mixed with them asking me questions on top of something else I don’t know what but it was irritating me.

“How did was me apologizing piss you off?” Kelley asked.

“She apologized?” I let out and irritating growl as I looked at Kane.

“Yes she did and it pissed me off because I didn’t want some bullshit ass apology she didn’t mean then the bitch gone turn around and use the words I said to her on me. But when I used them the bitch choked me so yeah I snapped talking about ‘Don’t let what I did come between you and my brother’ when I was telling her the same damn thing. So I told her I didn’t except her apology and to leave me the fuck alone.” I snapped and everybody looked at me like I was crazy and that pissed me off more. “Where’s my Kamen.” I asked getting out of Kane’s lap. Still nobody said anything. “Forget it.” I said about to walk out but Kane stopped me.

“Wait um… I’ll take you to him I have something to show you anyway.” he said taking my hand and walking out. But not before I heard.

“What fuck just happen?” I think Noah asked.

“Damn she looked even hotter.” Jayden said of course. Kane walked me up the stairs he didn’t say anything until we got to the hall way.

“Are you sure you’re ok? I mean you just snapped back there for no reason.” He said and I stopped walking.

“No reason? I just hit Nate in the face and I almost had a panic attack and once I finally calmed myself down I have you’ll asking me question after question.” I said and we stopped walking. “Look maybe this wasn’t such a good idea me coming over here-.

“After I show you this and you see my mom of course and if you still want to leave we’ll go…Ok?” he asked pulling me close and I nodded as I look at the floor. His hand came to the side of my face making me look at him and I wish I didn’t. His was now gold and it sent my hormones into over drive Damnit. “You have no Idea how sexy you looked snapping the way you just did.” He said as his head went to the crook of my neck. “God you smell good.” He growled before he had me pinned to the wall and bringing his lips to mine. His tongue slid into my mouth as his hand went up the back of my shirt. That was as far as it got because somebody cleared their throat and we pulled away. I hide my head in his chest filling embarrassed about being caught.

“Well I’m happy to see you to at it again.” I heard Kevin say with a chuckle and I groaned it just had to be him to catch us didn’t it. But I guess he was better than Joanna or Jennifer.

“Hey Jazmine your going to hide from me or are you going to speak?” he asked and I gave Kane’s chest a little push telling him to move and he did.

“Hey Kevin how you been.” He rolled his eyes before pulling me into a hug.

“You’ve been gone for a few weeks and now you’re going all formal on me? What are you wearing?” he said sniffing me wow I thought it was weird when Noah did it this is far more worse and embarrassing but the fact that he did it again wasn’t helping as my cheeks turned red. “Don’t tell me she’s-.” Kane cut him off.