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Hii everybody , hope you guys are doing good , we are back with rules and participation form for fan fiction's.

These rules are both for the os as well as for fan fiction competition.

1) you should follow this account

2) you should  add this book to your reading list.

3) you must be polite with other participants .

4) you should have patience till the results get announced.

5) you can't vote for your own book .

Participation form for ff's

Username : @xyzuser

Preferred pair : manan

Book name : ...........

Tag any two writers : @userabc @userxyz

After filling your form you have to wait 24 hours for getting approval .

Even if you won't win there will be gifts for participating.

In the next part all the participant's usernames will be mentioned if you didn't find yours inform us through pm.

Os competition form will be given soon.

All the participant's will get a follow from this account and the winner will get a cover from any of their book and their book will be added to our reading list.

Do tag your friends ..

That's all for now .

See you all soon . Have a nice day.


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